For organizations of all sizes, it is imperative to have a disaster recovery (DR) plan, because the consequences of business downtime can be catastrophic. A critical element of your DR plan is making sure that once employees are safe, they can return to work and stay productive – even when they cannot reach their PC or workstation at the office. Moreover, proving that your company has a solid DR plan in place can be a regulatory requirement of doing business with many customers.
If your DR plan involves delivering a mobile recovery unit onsite or entails sending employees to a temporary office space, it’s time to reevaluate your plan, because it’s complex, expensive, and it carries too much risk. If your employees can’t reach those temporary sites during a natural disaster, all that planning, testing and expense is for naught.
The Workspot Disaster Recovery Cloud is a simple, fast and affordable way to ensure that your employees can access all their work safely from any remote location of their choice and on any device. DR desktop activation can be done with just one click and requires no periodic testing. Firms can activate DR desktops in any Azure region around the globe.
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