ENR Top 500 Design Firm Innovates IT to Provide “In-Office” Experience to Remote Workforce

Architecture, engineering and planning firm OHM Advisors chose Workspot GPU cloud workstations to increase power-user productivity

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OHM Advisor’s mission is to continually advance the communities they serve. With more than 500 employees in 16 cities, OHM works collaboratively across multiple service areas, including architecture, engineering, planning, urban design and landscape architecture, surveying and construction engineering.


The original use case envisioned for Workspot was to process data collected from drones faster. As OHM evaluated the solution, they realized they could support drone operators in the field and accelerate drone project completion – and more. Valuable, remote power users were struggling with performance when dealing with large CAD files, and OHM wanted to give them an “in office” experience that would reduce wait times for file upload/download, enable real-time collaboration on designs, and therefore, boost productivity.  Additionally, after an acquisition presented them with office space and IT infrastructure challenges for the newly acquired employees, the firm realized that going forward, M&A activity could be dramatically simplified, and faster time-to-productivity could be achieved with Workspot cloud workstations.


  • Workspot Workstation Cloud in Microsoft Azure
  • GPU cloud workstations placed in the Azure region closest to each user


  • Drone data is processed at least two hours faster than before
  • Remote users experience as good or better-than-workstation performance
  • Mergers and acquisitions can deliver business value more quickly


“Our power users have greater flexibility & mobility."

“Workspot gives us the ability to expand into any market in a matter of minutes.”

Mark Bloom – Director of Information Technology