Azure is the New Home for Desktops. Don't Leave Your VDI Skills in the Datacenter.

Author: Brad Peterson

Publish on: Nov 30, 2017 5:30:00 AM

You, like many other IT professionals around the world, have accumulated vast and valuable VDI skills over your many years of service, and I know these skills have all been bought and paid for with your very own blood, sweat and beers. Congratulations!

The question now is - what's next? The IT world is changing faster than ever and the public cloud giants - Azure, AWS and Google are duking it out for world domination - and they want your datacenter in their cloud. There's this huge sucking sound occurring across the world as these giants vacuum up your server workloads, then spin them up and offer them back to you as metered services. That's all good news for your company, and there's more. Gone are the nagging CapEx headaches from constantly over-provisioning and refreshing workstations, networks, servers, storage arrays, air conditioning units and PDUs.

Where does this leave you?

In the world of ice hockey, everyone wants to be like the Great One: Wayne Gretzky. And in the immortal words of Wayne's father Walter Gretzky, you should “Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been". In other words, don't find yourself on the end of the ice where there's no puck. Or, more apropos to this discussion, don't find yourself in an old datacenter with no desktops. 

So, if datacenters are quickly relocating to the nearest public cloud, where are VDI workloads going? Bingo! And likewise, how do your VDI skills need to evolve?  Yes, it's time to future-proof your LinkedIn page!

Of course, what I mean by that is maybe it's time for you to build on those years of experience working with on-prem virtual desktops and apps and upgrade your VDI credentials to DaaS (Desktop as a Service)! It's the new game with new requirements and many advantages for organizations of all sizes. Evolving your skill set to cloud computing will add highly-valued skills to your resume. It's the perfect opportunity for you to lead the charge to the cloud in your organization, because you have way more value to offer than spending your time micro-managing an old-school VDI toolkit. You can be the hero that finally delivers on the promise of desktop virtualization.

Workspot Laptop-1.png

From my experience, as I've worked with customers over the last year discussing their current VDI challenges and objectives, I'm seeing the pendulum swinging quickly away from thinking about VDI in the datacenter to requiring virtual desktops in the cloud. Why now?

- SaaS apps like Salesforce, Workday and ServiceNow have set a new expectation for a simple end user experience with reduced IT involvement

-  IT teams want easily consumable services, not complicated toolkits and onsite projects requiring endless support, maintenance and never-ending upgrades

- CapEx and datacenter reductions are now required in most organizations, allowing IT teams to focus on strategic business initiatives

- Many customers are already using Office 365 and moving their server workloads into Azure, and they've realized this is exactly where their desktops and apps belong too

What does the future look like?

At Workspot, we partner with Microsoft Azure to make VDI insanely simple. Our customers enjoy cloud apps, cloud desktops and cloud workstations as a turnkey, enterprise-class Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution. The service comes with predictable, flat-rate pricing per user that not only includes all the costs of Azure, but also includes services from our innovative Customer Success Team to ensure you go live and achieve success fast! 

Hybrid Azure and Onprem.png

Take that leap forward with your VDI career; future-proof yourself by developing skills around providing cloud desktops on Azure. Find out how Workspot has cracked the code on delivering  better-than-physical-PC-performance with Desktop Cloud, App Cloud and Workstation Cloud on Azure. Be the champion that delivers the experience your users will love, and the strategic corporate advantage that your leadership team will admire. 

Let us show you!

We can’t wait to show you our innovative approach to our insanely simple, enterprise-class solutions. Schedule a demo and in 15 minutes you’ll rethink your approach to providing virtual apps and desktops! Redeploy your high-tech talent to projects that are far more strategic to your company! 

Take the next step!  Read the solution brief to learn more about Workspot's innovative approach to VDI.

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