3 Reasons You Need 60 Minutes to Mobilize Your Enterprise

Author: Amitabh Sinha

Publish on: Dec 23, 2014 5:30:00 AM

A workspace is the right solution for your end users to access all their business apps and data. It provides a simple single-client experience for them, and is the most effective way to mobilize your enterprise.

But how do you implement a workspace? We believe that the right solution is a 100% cloud solution called workspace as a service. The most important attribute of a cloud solution is delivering immediate value.

Traditional infrastructure software can take months, sometimes years, to deliver value. A 100% cloud solution should be able to deliver value immediately. But in 60 Minutes?

60 minutes to mobilize your enterprise


Why is time to value important?

  1. Business leaders are impatient. They don't want to wait quarters or years for a solution that improves their business. Increasingly for business applications, they have gone around IT to buy those applications as a service.
  2. The longer it takes to show value with a solution deployment, the more it is scrutinized by the organization.
  3. Priorities change. Something that was important six months ago may no longer be important today. This puts project funding at risk. 
If you can show value in 60 minutes, the entire dynamic of the project can change. Lets say you can deliver apps and data to any device in 60 minutes. Your apps and your data. Now the discussion is which users need those apps and data? How many such users are there? Will the business unit sponsor this solution? It is no longer a hypothetical conversation about potential value. It is a conversation about actual value, and that's what we deliver to our customers every day.
Schedule a 15 minute demo to see today's Workspot in action.  We're the leader in cloud desktops, and we can have you up and running on Microsoft Azure in as little as one day!

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