Hey XenApp 6.5 Customers, It's Time for a Cloud App Solution!

Author: Amitabh Sinha

Publish on: Dec 27, 2017 5:00:00 AM

In my last blog we talked about the top 3 considerations for addressing Citrix XenApp 6.5 end of life (EOL), which is approaching in June 2018. It's coming at you fast and it's really time to get serious about where you go from here. As we talk with prospects and industry analysts about virtual app, desktop and GPU workstation requirements, the message is loud and clear: Organizations want to streamline if not eliminate data center infrastructure. Let's take a look why an "all-cloud" approach makes the most sense for so many organizations. 

You Have a Need for Speed (& Agility)

As consumers, our world has changed dramatically in less than 10 years, with iPhones, Android, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Uber, AirBnB, Snapchat, and so many other innovations. 

End users are demanding that same agility, speed, and innovation from IT. Gone are the days when a business unit would come to IT with a project, take months to define requirements, evaluate vendors for 6-9 months, implement for 6-9 months, and then run a production system for years with minimal upgrades. Today, a business leader is more likely to seek out a SaaS solution that they can test in a month, sign up for a small pilot and then expand as necessary. Solution updates are delivered automatically by the SaaS vendor.

In the past, even if IT wanted to deliver innovation quickly, we were hamstrung by data center space, infrastructure, and long, complex projects that involved multiple functional teams. 

The growing enterprise cloud has completely changed the landscape. Today IT can spin up a server in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud in minutes. And many organizations are already taking action and determining which business applications and other solutions they need on cloud infrastructure. It no longer makes sense for IT to think about virtual app and desktop delivery the legacy way. Why would you spend months evaluating, buying, and deploying Citrix or VMware on-premises? Just as business units found cloud services for CRM, collaboration, and HR, isn't there a cloud service for virtual apps and desktops that allows you to conduct a pilot and deploy in days vs. months? 


The Age of Turnkey Cloud Desktop Services

The good news is that the answer is yes, there is such a cloud service, and it's completely turnkey. You don't need a 60-page reference architecture explaining how you need to spin up your cloud tenant and how you need to manage it. If you see one of those, run the other direction! You need a turnkey service that does the heavy lifting for you and gets you up and running in days!  Once deployed, the service should be constantly updated and delivering more innovation and functionality to you and your users automatically. Why would you settle for anything less?

There's only two vendors in the world that can deliver a turnkey, all-cloud virtual desktop service: Workspot and Amazon. And there's only one that makes it insanely simple to migrate off XenApp 6.5 - in days - Workspot. 

What About My Citrix Trained Staff?

Most customers that we talk to have IT staff that have been trained on the IMA and FMA architectures for the last 15 years.  What would they do in the new world of Cloud Desktops and Cloud Apps? What happens when IT moves applications and data to the cloud? What happens when they don't have XenApp to worry about anymore? Does it mean that you don't need these experts? 

The answer is simple: Wouldn't it be more valuable for your team to learn about Azure, rather than keep learning more about FMA? Or to turn their attention to supporting other IT innovation that is much more strategic to the business?

Our experience has been that most IT organizations recognize the massive shift to the cloud and are eager to learn more about cloud services. Once we get them up and running with virtual apps or desktops in the cloud, they are bubbling with ideas on how to move other assets into the cloud. They initiate projects to drive innovation and agility at a level that is unprecedented.

Why Workspot?

We have built an insanely simple solution to deliver virtual apps and desktops from Microsoft Azure. We offer flat rate subscription pricing and multiple year contracts so IT can have peace of mind and not worry about usage spikes. We include the price of Azure to make it easy for you. We also include all the costs of getting your apps and desktops live in Azure with your first set of users. How can we do that? We built our product to be insanely simple. That simplicity allows us to onboard you rapidly. After that we're by your side as you adopt and expand the solution, and we jump in to help you whenever you need us. Finally, among many innovations is our industry-first customer engagement model, which offers a risk-free pilot. This collaborative deployment process focuses on your success, and you don't pay until you go live. 

XenApp customers have a perfect opportunity to modernize their virtual app solution. Take it to the cloud! With Workspot at your side, we'll get it done fast - no hassles, and no surprises. 

Take the next step and read more about why it makes sense to replace Citrix XenApp with Workspot.  Download the migration eBook now!

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