Compare EUC Solutions. Who Has the Simplest VDI in the Cloud Era?

Author: Amitabh Sinha

Publish on: Apr 25, 2017 6:00:00 AM

In the first blog in this mini-series I presented a matrix that illustrates how fragmented EUC solutions are today. It's a mess! The various legacy offerings have become so complex and disjointed that it's difficult for IT teams to know where to start crafting a solution for the unique needs of users. If you're responsible for EUC in your organization, you probably understand that virtualizing desktops and publishing apps from the datacenter can have amazing security, productivity and cost reduction benefits - at least theoretically.  Whereas legacy vendors have failed to deliver these benefits in a cost-effective way, Workspot has turned theory into reality. This week I want to dive more deeply into how we accomplish that.

We solved complexity with one unified platform

At Workspot we have spent the last several years building a new platform for end user computing from scratch. It was built for the cloud, and it lives in the cloud.

It’s a single platform that enables IT to solve the complexity around virtual app delivery, server-hosted VDI and virtual desktops. It allows IT to choose whether they want to deploy their apps and desktops on-premises, in the cloud, or both. No other solution does this.

One platform? Yes, really!

We provide a single pane of glass to provision apps and desktops on-premises, in the cloud, or both - simultaneously - since most organizations need a hybrid approach. And we provide end users with one unified client to securely access any application or desktop from any device. We take care of all the updates and patches, and we make sure Workspot Control is scalable, available, and rock solid.  

One Platform VDI - a single pane of glass


A unified workspace for end users

The Workspot client is a unified workspace for any device. And it's blazing fast! You won't hear user complaints about connection times with Workspot.  End users access their Windows applications and desktops, internal web applications and SaaS applications using a built-in secure browser. They access file shares using a built-in CIFS client.

 unified workspace - euc

In order to create a simplified end user experience, we have also integrated with widely deployed VPNs, including Cisco, F5, Fortinet, and Pulse Secure. In addition, there is client-side single sign-on integration with popular technologies, such as Active Directory, Okta, Oracle iDP, etc.

For virtual app & desktop delivery, Workspot is the only choice

We have built a single, unified cloud-native platform that enables IT to deliver virtual applications and desktops from both the cloud and on-premises. Workspot is the only solution on the market today that can do this. 

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