Major Momentum! Workspot is On a Roll With Microsoft and New VDI Cloud Customers

Author: Amitabh Sinha

Publish on: May 24, 2017 4:00:00 AM

The first half of this year has been a period of exciting growth for Workspot. Not only have we signed a ton of new customers for our VDI cloud solutions, we've also achieved some big partnership milestones with Microsoft. 

Read more to catch up on how Workspot is blowing away the competition. Why is Workspot unstoppable? Our insanely simple VDI solves the cost and complexity issues customers have been struggling with for years with legacy VDI solutions.  Legacy solutions are out.  Customer success is in. We’ll also share some of the enlightening ways our customers are using Workspot to deploy VDI on Microsoft Azure and on-premises.

Workspot + Microsoft achievements

Our team has been working closely with Microsoft so that our customers can reap the benefits. Those efforts have been paying off in spades. Our tight integration with Azure means that customers using Workspot desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) can benefit from innovations no other vendor can offer, such as consolidated billing, burst pricing and power management. It's also really easy to get started with Workspot on Azure - just go to the Azure Marketplace and choose Workspot.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Workspot has achieved the highest level of the Microsoft Certfied Partner Program, which affords us a very close working relationship with marketing, engineering and worldwide sales groups. As a team, we can bring tremendous value to customers in the form of world-class support and the most advanced solutions.

In addition to being recognized as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), we are also a leading ISV for Azure and Windows 10. This means that both Microsoft and Workspot have committed substantial resources to ensure that customer deployments are fast and uneventful.  Workspot provisions the Azure compute environment as well as all of your Windows 10 desktops and virtual apps for you; the time-to-value for customers is unprecedented in the industry.  

Earlier this year the Microsoft Education Partners Network named Workspot to its elite group of Microsoft Managed Partners. We are really honored to have been selected for the program. While there are upwards of 640,000 Microsoft partners, there are very few with the Managed Partner designation. This deep level of engagement with Microsoft allows us early access to emerging Microsoft technologies, tools, and support, so we can offer customers the best experience possible.building momentum with Microsoft and new VDI cloud Customers

Workspot is tightly integrated with Microsoft Windows 10 & Azure

In case you haven’t heard, Workspot is all about helping our customers realize all of the benefits of insanely simple VDI, whether it's deployed on Azure,  on-prem—or both. Our solution is particularly well-suited for organizations that need both on-prem and Azure data centers. No other solution enables IT to deliver virtual desktops and apps from on-premises and across as many Azure regions as needed, simultaneously, all managed through a single pane of glass.  

Workspot delivers a number of benefits to Azure users, including:

Customers keep rolling in – here’s how they’re using Workspot

All of our work with Microsoft has led to some pretty impressive Azure cloud projects. We’ve also been collecting major kudos from a range of projects. Are you wondering whether Workspot has the potential to transform your IT forever? Check out how a few of our customers are putting our solution to work.

Large-scale engineering firm deploys GPU workstations on Azure

For years, this firm grappled with the expense of supporting GPU workstations and facilitating collaboration between its 1,600 users working from its multiple offices across the U.S. Engineers working in CAD/CAM applications found sharing large design files difficult. Plus, the firm’s IT team had to build a workstation for every new user. In an ideal scenario, the IT team wanted a way to pool workstation resources and scale those resources dynamically depending on what projects were happening - and they had been looking for a solution for this for several years. However, every time legacy VDI vendors promised a permanent solution, performance lagged and the complexity was unacceptable.

Workspot stepped in and offered their IT team an ideal solution – the ability to deliver CAD/CAM applications using NVIDIA GPUs on Windows 10 virtual desktops across both Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure and as many Azure regions as needed – the perfect hybrid solution. Workspot also enabled the firm to scale up to an infinite number of resources. The firm's top priority is to make sure the engineers are satisfied with the performance, and Workspot is the first solution the firm’s engineers are happy with.

Law firm provides file security for lawyers working remotely

Since 2009 the IT team at Chaitons LLP relied on hosted shared desktops to provide lawyers with access to corporate resources and client files. However as their legacy remote desktop solution aged, performance became a growing problem. Chaiton's lawyers could not trust that they could access the apps and data they needed, which created anxiety, impacted productivity and resulted in extra work for IT. Plus, increasing usage of BYOD introduced security concerns. When Chaiton’s IT team signed up for Workspot, this was their biggest pain point: How to keep corporate resources accessible and client files secure when lawyers are working away from the office?

Chaitons solved their security and performance issues, as well as a myriad of other issues, with Workspot. Dom Chung, Chaitons’ Director of IT, said:

“Because Workspot offers everything built-in at simplified pricing, we’re saving 40% of what we were spending per user, per device. The cost savings alone makes Workspot a no-brainer." Dom goes on to say that "For years, our remote users had been asking us to provide them with the same experience inside and outside of the office. Within a few minutes of deploying Workspot, we were able to deliver that dream scenario for them. It made us heroes.”

To hear more about what their IT team loves about Workspot, watch the testimonial video here or read the case study.

Manufacturing firm provides BYOD for mobile workforce

In the last 10 years, Hydradyne has grown from 16 to 33 locations, and from 100 to over 500 employees. As BYOD became a productivity imperative, the IT team struggled to ensure secure access to corporate apps and data. When Hydradyne’s IT team signed up for Workspot, they were asking themselves: How do we cost-effectively support secure, instant-access BYOD for a growing, mobile salesforce?

Hydradyne’s IT team was able to deliver BYOD at a cost the company could afford. Here’s what the Director of IT, Mike O’Neil, had to say about Workspot:

“When we were looking at mobility solutions, the big players just didn’t make sense for our mid-sized firm. When you’re looking at hundreds versus thousands of users, it’s not cost-effective. With Workspot, we could decide exactly how many users needed mobility apps and get exactly what we needed at a price that made sense. Workspot is priced in our sweet spot.”

To get more details about the project, watch the video or read the case study.

Why do customers love Workspot?

  • Ability to roll out tens, hundreds or thousands of Windows 10 desktops in a day
  • Back-end complexity is eliminated – easy to manage with a single plane of glass
  • No more upgrades, patches or maintenance
  • No need to hire or contract specialized, expensive skill sets
  • Reasonable, flat monthly fees in a consolidated bill – that’s it!
  • Deploy virtual desktops and apps in days, not months

Our No-Risk Customer Engagement Program is an industry first. Our Customer Support team works closely with you to ensure your success. Contact us for a demo today.

What can a 100% cloud-native VDI solution do for you? Read the solution brief to learn more.

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