Workspot is Delivering the Instant, Global Office. But Citrix Doesn't Want You to Have It. Why?

Author: Amitabh Sinha

Publish on: Apr 24, 2018 12:55:06 PM

Many of you may have heard the news that Citrix has filed a lawsuit against Workspot claiming patent infringement and misleading advertising. So what's going on?

Our mission in starting Workspot was to dramatically simplify desktop virtualization (aka VDI) so customers could rapidly achieve the vision of the global office - any user could securely access their corporate desktop from any device, anywhere in the world. VDI was the first attempt to enable the creation of the global office. But it was causing customers too much pain, time and money to implement and manage VDI, so organizations were never able to achieve the benefits of the global office. I personally experienced many organizations struggle and fail with legacy, on-premises VDI because it was too complex, and I felt terrible that we could not do better for these customers. I left Citrix in 2012, when I did not see a path forward based on the solution architecture of XenDesktop. Like so many entrepreneurs, this very personal experience drove my desire to innovate, and our co-founder, Puneet Chawla felt the same way, so we set out to invent a new approach.

Fast forward five years and our cloud-native architecture has changed everything about VDI. Today, our customers can deploy a virtual desktop in any Microsoft Azure region in the world instantly. Their users can securely access the corporate desktop using any device - personal or corporate-owned, from anywhere in the world. The performance of the virtual desktop is as good as, if not better than, a PC and customers love it.

Customers win through innovation
Meanwhile, r
ather than competing in the cloud marketplace, Citrix appears to want to distract and intimidate Workspot with a costly and time consuming lawsuit that lacks merit. Worse yet, customers do not benefit from the resources and time Citrix is spending litigating instead of innovating.

If we take a step back from our own immediate situation, we are reminded that we're not alone. There seems to be a new playbook at Citrix: Suing Silicon Valley start-ups, including Egnyte, AVI Networks and now Workspot. The industry has seen this kind of behavior before, and litigiousness is generally not a promising company attribute. I can understand why Citrix is concerned. We spent four years re-inventing end user computing to help companies become more agile, efficient and productive than ever before, and now our customers are reaping the benefits. Our turnkey Desktop Cloud service on Azure is an achievement that makes us proud because it makes our customers successful. 

Simply put, Workspot will not be intimidated by a baseless lawsuit that seeks to prevent customers from having the best technology solutions, and no one can get in the way of our absolute commitment to customer success. We disagree with the reported allegations and intend to vigorously defend the company against the suit as well as pursue appropriate legal remedies. We are confident the legal process will vindicate Workspot. 

The instant global office takes us all into a bright future. It's a path paved with innovation and rooted in our customer-first philosophy. That's the journey we recommend!

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