75% of mobile apps fail BYOD security tests. Is YOUR company at risk?

Author: Jimmy Chang

Publish on: Mar 5, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Enterprise Mobility and BYOD strategy

Enterprise Mobility

Downloading an app from the Apple App Store or Google Play is easy. In fact, downloading apps has become so easy that, according to Gartner, more than 90% of enterprises leverage third party apps in their mobile BYOD strategy. BYOD solved! Right?

Not so fast.

Before you make downloading any app from Apple App Store the cornerstone of your BYOD strategy, consider the following from Gartner and FireEye. 

According to Gartner, more than 75% of mobile apps will fail basic security tests and have little or no security assurances. In other words, why does the app need access to your contacts, emails, photos, GPS and camera? In a separate finding, FireEye "found more than 1,300 unique samples of financial malware in December 2013, compared with 260 in June 2013". That's a 5X explosion in malware!

Gartner makes two further points:

1. Mobile and BYOD make you vulnerable to security breaches. 

2. You need to have a process to test 3rd party mobile apps.

Yikes! Is mobile app security testing part of your BYOD strategy? All too often it isn’t, but don't worry because you are not alone.


So what are your options?

1. Don't support mobile. However, if your users want to use their iPhone for work, they will find a way to bring mobile devices into your network.

2. Hire a team of software engineers to write your own apps.

3. Hire a team to test 3rd party apps.

4. Use a workspace that leverages your existing applications, content repositories, and infrastructure.

Only one of those options is both secure and can go live in 60 minutes.

It is common for companies to purchase, deploy, and manage two sets of products which duplicate what is basically the same IT workflow – manage secured delivery of apps and data. 

What if you could manage PCs, smartphones, tablets and apps from a single infrastructure?  I would like to share with you our free ebook - “Roadmap to Solving Enterprise Mobility” - which shares insights on how to find efficiencies when managing different types of users and devices.

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