One Universal Truth About Workspaces

Author: Sopheap Min

Publish on: Jan 5, 2015 6:00:00 AM

After collecting my BIG winnings from a bet I had with my CEO…I went on about my day and told him about the call I was just on with a potential customer. I was really excited to share with him the details, as they were a bank and using some degree of MDM for their mobile devices and some flavor or combination of application virtualization/desktop virtualization in their mobility strategy for laptops and desktops.

The call started off great and they were very engaged until…one of the attendees on the call stopped me. It caught me off guard for a minute. In short, the attendee basically said he didn’t see any value in our offering and continued to say that everything I was showing him he could already do today with MDM for their mobile devices and VDI for laptop/desktops.

He wasn’t convinced. Trust me, I get it! Mobility is hard and as an end user myself, I hate change so I can understand where he was coming from having to deal with 4-5,000 employees at his organization. So, I looked at my Solutions Engineer from across the table thinking through my response and that’s when it hit me! The answer was simple…but I waited…put my words together and this was my response:

“The value is in the End User Experience. Unlike other solutions hand-stitched from acquisitions to deliver a unified Workspace, Workspot enables your users to have the same remote access experience across multiple devices. Today, depending on the device and line of business application, the user will have to familiarize themselves with 2-3 different processes and each experience is different. Our focus is on delivering access to the line of business applications with the least amount of friction. Applications will also start to evolve…”

He stopped me and I wasn’t able to complete my sentence but what I wanted to convey was that people like when things are simple. Workspot’s workspace-as-a-service solution can deliver a “simple” experience. We can deliver all the line of business apps in a secure container separate from the device. I always make a reference to this when speaking to potential customers; it’s not about replacing the PC. It’s about extending that experience across the various devices we as end users use. Everyone will have a preference of how or what they like to work on. You have to give your end users a solution that is simple and flexible enough to get access to 2 or 3 apps they need to get work done and be productive. Productivity is key!

 It’s not rocket science but being an end user myself, I’d like to believe that a good end user experience would almost always equal an increase in end user adoption. It really is that simple!

Simplicity, flexibility, and productivity - all within a single solution to securely deliver apps and data to any PC, Mac, iOS, and Android device?   And the solution needs to be K.I.S.S? Workspot can help!

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