A Workspace for Windows PC? Heck yeah!

by Amitabh Sinha on Apr 9, 2015 8:39:58 AM

When we founded Workspot back in the summer of 2012, we wanted to build the best iPad client to securely access enterprise web applications (SharePoint, SAP and a whole bunch of home-grown web applications). Over the course of the next two years, we added support for Android and other classes of applications like network shares and Windows client-server applications.

Last week we released a Windows PC client to securely access enterprise web and windows client-server applications. In Silicon Valley, where everything is mobile-first, and often mobile-only, folks were surprised that we were building a Windows client. But for us, it is a natural next step. Here's why.

Our customers appreciate the simplicity we brought to application delivery for iOS first and later Android devices. Many customers, specially the largest ones told us that even though mobile was important to them, a PC  version of our workspace client could transform how they delivered apps and data to PCs.

Currently customers have only two options to securely deliver apps and data to any PC:

  1. IT owns and manages the PC or
  2. IT delivers a VDI desktop.

Both options present challenges. The first option is a management nightmare, especially for remote and mobile users. The second option is both expensive and delivers a poor user experience. So for the large numbers of remote employees, mobile employees, consultants, and contractors there just is no good solution today.  

We are bringing our unique philosophy to solving this problem. We want to continue to deliver value to customers in 60 minutes. We want to provide a single Windows client for end users to access all apps and data. And finally we want IT to be able to deliver apps/data to unmanaged and managed PCs from the single Workspot console.

Want to know more about Workspot today? Click the image below to download the solution brief:
Azure DaaS

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This post was written by Amitabh Sinha

Amitabh has more than twenty years of experience across enterprise software, end user computing, mobile, and database software. Amitabh co-founded Workspot with Puneet Chawla and Ty Wang in August 2012. Prior to Workspot, Amitabh was the General Manager for Enterprise Desktops and Apps at Citrix Systems. In his five years at Citrix, Amitabh was VP Product Management for XenDesktop and VP Engineering for the Advanced Solutions Group. Amitabh has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

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