Desktop-as-a-Service Has Changed! Take the Quiz.

Author: Deborah Thornton

Publish on: Oct 26, 2017 5:00:00 AM

Take our 5 minute quiz to find out what's chnaged with DaaS. What if you could have virtual apps and desktops up and running tomorrow? With zero CapEx? What if you could count on a predictable, flat-rate subscription fee for cloud services - no surprises? And what if you had the flexibility to have some apps and desktops in the cloud and some on-premises, all easily managed with a single pane of glass?

These are the things modern IT teams should demand. And they all point to Desktop-as-a-Service 2.0 (DaaS 2.0). Consider this: One industry analyst predicts that by 2019, *half* of all new VDI deployments will be in the form of DaaS. That's a whole bunch of desktops in the cloud - soon. 

Is DaaS Enterprise Ready? Test Your Knowledge!


 Are You Ready for Daas? 

In the world of DaaS you really have two choices:  Workspot Cloud DesktopsCloud Apps and Cloud Workstations or Amazon WorkSpaces. We think AWS is just fine, but only for companies with very limited use cases. Most organizations need to address several types of workers - knowledge workers, task workers, design engineers - each with unique needs; IT teams need the flexibility to address a variety of use cases - that's what Workspot enterprise-ready, DaaS 2.0 solutions provide.

So what do you think? Are you a DaaS whiz? Are you ready for DaaS?

Find out with this 5-minute quiz.

We promise we won't tell your score to anyone, and I think you may learn something new. 

At Workspot we're proud to be the inventor of modern DaaS 2.0. But what does a modern solution look like?

1. It's cloud-native and enterprise-ready

2. It's up and running in hours or days

3. It seamlessly interoperates with your existing AD, GPOs, networking, and IT processes

4. It's instantly and infinitely scalable

5. It's a completely turnkey and hassle-free service

6. It has a predictable, flat-rate, all-inclusive subscription fee

Demand a Turnkey DaaS Solution

We've taken care of the VDI control part for you with our cloud-native architecture; all the operational components of VDI are now a cloud service. You don't have to implement provisioning servers, licensing servers, load balancers, web portals, SQL servers, etc. ever again. All you have to do is decide where your virtual apps and desktops will live.  DaaS in Microsoft Azure? On-premises VDI? A hybrid of both? Once you decide, you'll be up and running in hours or days. Most organizations we talk with have a plan for cloud computing, but a few still feel unsure about an all-cloud, DaaS approach. That's why we've gone even further and created a completely turnkey solution - so you don't have to worry about updates, having in-house experts or about unexpected costs.  When you choose Workspot DaaS 2.0 solutions - Cloud Desktops, Cloud Apps and Cloud Workstations - you can use your existing Windows 10 images, and management tools such as SCCM. You get instant and infinite scalability to accommodate more users, and you enjoy a flat rate, predictable subscription fee that includes the cost of Microsoft Azure. Flat rate billing is another industry first for us. Additionally, our no-risk customer engagement model means that the deployment must be successful before you pay a dime. That's what real customer care looks like.

I think you'll be surprised at what modern DaaS can do for you, and you may be even more surprised at the economics of going with DaaS. Take our 5-minute quiz for funand then let's have a serious conversation about what Workspot DaaS 2.0 solutions, Cloud Apps, Cloud Desktops, and Cloud Workstations, can do to make your life easier!


Find out more about Workspot's enterprise-ready PC in the Cloud solutions. Start with our solution brief: Desktop Cloud on Microsoft Azure.

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