3 Reasons IT Procrastinates on VDI Solutions (And How to Overcome)

Author: Amitabh Sinha

Publish on: Jan 12, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Why is VDI Adoption only 26%?

Chances are if you’re reading this you’re no stranger to VDI. We’ve all heard of the benefits and use cases it enables--remote access, business continuity, and increase productivity just to name a few. If it’s so great though, how come VDI adoption is only as high as 26% in enterprise companies and in only select industries according to Forrester Research Business Technographics® Global Infrastructure Survey, 2014?

The truth is that VDI 1.0 is a great concept but simply too complex for many organization to put into practice when the following real life barriers to adoption are considered:

VDI Solutions - High Cost of VDI, Lack of skills, long vdi deployment cycles slow down VDI

1. High Upfront Cost of VDI 1.0

Standing up your own VDI infrastructure along with high performance storage and legacy VDI software licensing quickly eats up IT budget. This prices VDI out for many organizations. Learn more about lowering VDI costs in this blog. 

2. Lack of Specialized VDI skills

Implementing VDI 1.0 requires specialized skills to architect, deploy, manage and troubleshoot.  Since it touches a number of data center subsystems, it relies on a team of senior IT specialists, and often separate administrators, from 5 major areas:
    1. Server admin for the compute workload
    2. Storage or SAN admin to create, provision, add or remove to/from the virtual machines.
    3. Network admin to maintain and diagnose problems with the switches and routers
    4. Virtualization admin to optimize and scale out your hypervisors
    5. Desktop admin to make sure all the images have the proper updates and patches.

If you’re lucky enough to have staff trained on the technology you’d have to pull multiple members away from other projects; if you don’t you either have to invest the time in training or enlist an outside consultant which drives up your budget even more.

3. Speed to deploy VDI 1.0

From doing a proof of concept to pilot and full scale production could easily take 9 months for most organizations, sometimes even longer if you have multiple offices across the world. This has both top and bottom line implications--think of the cost and productivity of IT resources diverted from other strategic programs. In today’s climate, needs of the business units evolve quickly and strategic IT programs ensure drive success.

VDI 2.0: Simpler and faster VDI to deploy

Speed is the new IT currency. That’s why IT take the lower hanging fruit on the to-do list, produce faster time to value, and put that VDI project on the back burner. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Staples Easy Button™ to overcome the time and cost hurdle? Imagine yourself at your next board meeting revealing that IT has enabled the business units -- and delivered what used to take nine months in just one week to your end users.  That’s exactly what our customers have been able to do with VDI 2.0.


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