Cunninghams Real Estate Fuels Growth with Win10, VDI 2.0 & Nutanix

Author: Deborah Thornton

Publish on: Oct 12, 2017 5:30:00 AM

What do you get when Workspot VDI 2.0, Nutanix hyperconverged infrastucture (HCI) and Go Systems combine forces? You get Windows 10 virtual desktops, deployed in a few days, on the hottest datacenter infrastructure available, all packaged and fully managed for a flat monthly subscription fee. And most importantly, our joint customer, Cunninghams Real Estate, is happy and more productive. YES!

Can you really do that?

You may not have thought any of this was possible. Deploy VDI in hours or just a few days? At a fraction of the cost of legacy VDI solutions? For a flat monthly fee that you can actually afford? And no in-house IT team was needed? You're right. None of this was possible until Workspot reinvented VDI. Maybe it's a little annoying that I'm tooting the Workspot horn so loudly, but if you understand our motivations, you won't be annoyed.

Traditional VDI solutions (we call it VDI 1.0) have a controversial history. In theory, reducing costs, streamlining IT, and making end users wildly happy and more productive with virtual desktops sounds great. The unfortunate truth is that VDI 1.0 never lived up to all the marketing hype. Why? Cost and complexity. If you follow Workspot at all, you've heard us talk about this before. When our founders - industry gurus Amitabh Sinha and Puneet Chawla - envisioned Workspot, it was because they believed in the promise of virtual apps and desktops so strongly that they wanted to do it right and actually deliver the long-promised benefits of VDI and app publishing - and make customers truly happy and productive. That's the elevator version of the Workspot VDI 2.0 story. What's followed is a whole bunch of happy customers who've implemented VDI 2.0 and DaaS 2.0 in hours or days and are realizing unprecedented time-to-value.  It's very exciting for the Workspot team and our partners.

State-of-the-art VDI for a modern company

One of those happy customers is Cunninghams, a highly respected real estate agency in Australia, who shares our values around customer experience. They are always looking for ways to be better, and they know that the information technology (IT) infrastructure running the company plays a huge role in customer satisfaction; they realized it was time for a refresh. This growing real estate agency has three primary types of users across multiple offices: sales people, the administrative team, and an offshore design team. Each has a slightly different use case, but what's foundational is their need for everyone to be productive while mobile. Particularly in Australia, the lifestyle is very much about working from anywhere, so the team needs to have highly reliable and secure access to their productivity, property management and e-document apps from any device. Additionally, the design team creates marketing promotions and advertising for Cunninghams' available properties; this team only needs access to certain apps, so granular, secure remote access is paramount.

Cunninghams partnered with Managed Services Provider Go Systems Pty. Ltd, a Workspot Solution Partner, to explore what was possible to meet their requirements. When the team at Go Systems evaluated the situation, they knew exactly what the perfect solution would be: Workspot cloud-native VDI 2.0, which eliminates all of the complexity of managing virtual desktops and apps. With Workspot, Microsoft Windows 10 virtual desktops - powered by Workspot VDI 2.0 - run lightning fast on Nutanix private cloud infrastructure. Go Systems hosts Cunninghams' Nutanix infrastructure at the NEXT DC datacenter, and they manage everything so Cunninghams can focus on what they do best: serving clients' property sales and management needs. Once the new Nutanix gear was in place at NEXT DC, deploying the Workspot virtual desktops only took a couple of days, and the Cunninghams team was up and running!


Benefits for Cunninghams

Bree Higgins, Director at Cunninghams said: “As a fast-growing property sales and management firm, it’s imperative that our sales people, property managers, office administrators, executives and designers can work from anywhere using their own devices. Go Systems not only solved the performance issues, they also fully enabled our ‘work from anywhere approach’. With Workspot running on Nutanix, we have secure access to our corporate apps and data, and productivity has soared across the organization because it’s so easy to use.”

In discussing the results of the deployment, Robert Ek, CEO and co-founder of Go Systems, explained that “The combination of Workspot running on Nutanix is a simple yet powerful solution; we were able to implement VDI 2.0 on Nutanix as a private cloud faster than we thought possible. We’re very excited about the results for Cunninghams and about the possibilities for other customers to realize the benefits of improved productivity and reduced costs.” 

That's what we want to hear! If you're looking to simplify and reduce the cost of an existing VDI or app publishing solution, or you're evaluating solutions for a new implementation, schedule a 15 minute demo with us so we can show you what modern VDI looks like and why it makes sense for your unique requirements. 

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