DaaS That Makes You Go WOW!

Author: Brad Peterson

Publish on: Sep 21, 2017 6:00:00 AM

If you think DaaS and VDI aren't WOW-worthy, I get it, trust me; we've all been struggling with the first-generation solutions for a long time, but that's the past (at least it should be!). Cloud-native VDI, deployed on cloud infrastructure or a hybrid of cloud and on-premises infrastructure, is the future. Let Workspot show you how much DaaS, VDI and app publishing has changed from the old days. Our cloud-native, next-generation virtual desktop, app and workstation solutions are really exciting because they deliver value to you so fast. Not only that, but what if we got rid of all the tracking and billing complexity too? You've come to the right place!  


Many of you have been down the road of implementing traditional, on-premises VDI and app publishing. And that road, with all its blind curves and potholes, has caused a lot of pain for many organizations. Some of you have had enough of all the complexity and high costs you've been enduring, and it has lead you to Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) and to Workspot Cloud Desktops, Cloud Apps and Cloud Workstations on Microsoft Azure. I think I'm going to start counting the number of times seasoned IT folks - who've been on that journey  - say "WOW!" when we show them how insanely simple it is to deploy and manage our solutions.

Here's a few examples of new customers we've recently deployed who left behind the complexity and high costs of those old VDI solutions:

  • A fast-growing financial services organization with employees scattered across multiple states ran into a scalability wall with their legacy VDI solution. Workspot Cloud Desktops and Cloud Apps on Azure and VDI 2.0 on hyperconverged infrastructure delivered instant scalability, better IT agility and lower TCO.
  • A healthcare company experiencing explosive growth became concerned about its security posture. They replaced their legacy VDI solution with Workspot Cloud Desktops and Cloud Workstations, which fortified secure remote access, simplified IT, gave graphic designers great performance, and significantly reduced costs.
  • A retail company struggling with the complexity and cost of their legacy VDI solution on 3-tier datacenter infrastructure decided they'd had enough. Workspot Cloud Desktops met three primary goals: instant scalability, reliability, and IT control over end user access via a turnkey cloud solution.

Not only are new customer wins accelerating, we're also seeing current customers expand their deployments to more people in more places, and that is the highest compliment they can pay us because it means we've proven the tremendous value we offer. 

Clearly the road ahead leads to the cloud, and along the way you're going to encounter choices. The players are Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Workspaces. We love Google, but for enterprise VDI they're just not ready.  Are you evaluating AWS? What are your thoughts? In my opinion, they are doing a good job with basic functionality for small companies who don't need real Windows desktops - you only get a Windows server desktop, not Windows 10. If the AWS generic Windows Server image is adequate and your enterprise apps are compatible with the AWS image, it could work for you (but I doubt it). From my conversations with IT execs one of the biggest hurdles with AWS is that it is cloud only, whereas most mid-size and enterprise organizations need a hybrid approach, where some desktops are in the cloud and some are on-premises. There are very good reasons for doing this, not the least of which is regulatory compliance.

So now we arrive at Workspot. What makes Workspot on Azure different? Consider our industry firsts:

Add to these firsts our ability to scale instantly and infinitely, our multi-tenant architecture and unmatched performance, and you've got a winner!

Let's schedule a 15 minute call to explore your requirements and how insanely simple Workspot VDI and DaaS on Azure meet those needs.




Why Workspot and Microsoft Azure? Download the solution brief to learn more about our PC in the Cloud solutions!

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