VDI & DaaS: Mix 'n Match Flexibility That's Uniquely Workspot

Author: Deborah Thornton

Publish on: Nov 21, 2017 5:15:00 AM

Most organizations have different types of users who have unique computing requirements. A doctor may need a complete Windows 10 desktop to access all the applications and data that contribute to patient care (and she needs access from her personal devices too), whereas a scheduler may only need access to two or three applications.  A researcher is going to need a GPU-accelerated workstation to visualize 3D models. And all of these people use email. Some of this data is subject to regulatory oversight, and some isn't.  So how can you accommodate all of these user requirements in a way that provides a great user experience and also makes sense for the business? You mix 'n match!

Hybrid Azure and Onprem.png

When you "mix and match", you combine things in different ways to achieve something – to fulfill a need. With Thanksgiving approaching, when I thought about mixing and matching, the first thing that popped into my head is all the great food my family will contribute to our feast! It’s a carefully thought out menu that will mix and match colors, textures and flavors. Everyone has their unique requirements: My brother-in-law must have green beans with bacon, my Mom makes gravy an art form, and my sister insists on an expensive organic turkey, which I insist on barbecuing. And then we have our vegetarians, who we plan for as well. We understand everyone's requirements so they have a great Thanksgiving experience. 

At Workspot, that’s what we do too. We take the time to carefully understand your requirements. Your marketing department needs Windows 10 desktops? Ok to put those in Azure? Done. Oh there are some graphic designers? Ok they'll need GPU-accelerated workstations - those can be both on-prem and in Azure since half that team works from home - some in the UK and the rest in Sydney. Your development team in Mumbai? Their apps and data can be in the Mumbai Azure location. And the Finance team needs to have their Windows apps on-prem for regulatory reasons. Done and Done. We deliver exactly what you actually need to support all your use cases - in days - and we guarantee it will be hassle-free.

Vanilla or French Vanilla?

For way too long organizations have been stuck with limited choices and little flexibility when it comes to legacy VDI. Those choices basically come down to complex, expensive, on-premises flavor “A” or complex, expensive, on-premises flavor “B”. In both cases you are presented with a “toolbox” of stuff you have to implement. Then, the word "cloud" gets thrown around a bit here, but that really just means VDI-as-a-Service, which is hosted Legacy VDI and a lengthy operator's manual on how to connect the cloud infrastructure components yourself. You’ll definitely need some expensive consultants to implement these solutions, and once everything is finally deployed you’ll need more experts to keep it up and running. But all that has changed!

Have it Your Way

Here’s where the mix and match approach to modern VDI comes in. Workspot is unique in many ways, including our cloud-native VDI architecture and our no-risk customer engagement program. But our ability to combine our solutions – to mix and match on-prem VDI with Desktop-as-a-Service on Azure in a way that precisely meets customer requirements, and then deliver them as a turnkey service is unique. Everyday we talk with organizations who are done with managing complex data center infrastructure, and they want to move everything to Microsoft Azure. Yes!  We do that all day long. Similarly, some customers are very happy with their on-premises hyperconverged infrastructure, such as Nutanix. Deploying Workspot Cloud Apps, Cloud Desktops and Cloud Workstations on Nutanix is a dream – it’s so easy and fast for our customers.  But the real beauty happens when a customer has different types of users: some need complete Windows 10 desktops, while others, such as call center personnel, only need a few apps. Design engineers and other super creative types need a GPU workstation, and many companies need to keep some workloads and data on-prem for regulatory reasons, while other workloads can be in the public cloud.  Solving that complexity for our customers is where Workspot shines. We provide a cloud-native, turnkey, no-risk Desktop-as-a-Service solution - not a toolbox - that makes perfect sense for you.  And we can deliver it in days. That takes serious innovation and a deep commitment to customer success.  

Workspot Mix 'n Match Menu

Workload Type (what apps and desktops are required?)

  • Windows Applications
  • Hosted Shared Desktops
  • Windows 10 Desktops
  • Windows 10 GPU-Accelerated Workstations

Data Center Flavor (where do you want them to run?)

  • Microsoft Azure
  • On-prem hyperconverged infrastructure
  • I'll take both: Microsoft Azure & On-prem

Included with your order is single pane of glass management that makes IT teams' lives so much easier! You manage all these possible combinations with one console. That's it! Simple. If you have a bunch of free time and you want to play with multiple management consoles, you’ll have to go elsewhere, because we don’t do complexity.

End users don't have to worry about the details; they access what they need from the elegant workspace you see below. No matter which device they choose - iOS, Android, Mac, PC - they have a consistent experience across all of them (and our Workspace Client boasts blazing fast response times!)  Finally, our Customer Success team delivers the service to you and makes sure everything works to your satisfaction (or you don't pay!).


Taste Test

We can’t wait to show you our innovative approach to enterprise-class VDI and DaaS. Schedule a demo and in 15 minutes you’ll rethink your approach to virtual apps and desktops! We can make life so much easier for you, and you'll be able to redeploy your IT talent to projects that are far more strategic to the business. 


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