VDI 2.0 enables MSPs to deliver VDI with high margins

Author: Amitabh Sinha

Publish on: Aug 1, 2016 6:00:00 AM

VDI 2.0 helps you deliver VDI to your customers at higher margins. Here are the five reasons why Workspot enables you to deliver higher margin VDI.

1) VDI 2.0 is insanely simple

Workspot took advantage of the cloud and hyper-convergence to make VDI insanely simple. We reengineered the entire VDI orchestration stack - load balancer, portal, broker, licensing, etc. as a Cloud-Native service. We coupled the cloud with a smart client that can operate independently from the cloud and can seamlessly plug into existing infrastructure - VPN, SSO, XenApp, RDS, web apps, and CIFS.

vdi 2.0.png

2) VDI 2.0 is multi-tenant

VDI 2.0 is multi-tenant. As an MSP, you can run different customer instances off the single Workspot service. All the orchestration components - load balancer, portals, brokers, licensing, etc. - are implemented as a multi-tenant service in the Workspot cloud. There is no need to replicate that for each customer. In this design, you can focus entirely on the virtual desktops for each tenant.

msp and vdi multi-tenant_vdi_20.png

3) VDI 2.0 provides Visibility for each tenant

When you are operating a service, you need deep visibility into usage, performance, and availability in order to help improve the service. We have instrumented our clients to provide that deep visibility into everything happening on the end point. 

All that information is automatically transmitted to the cloud and stored as big-data analytics.

msp and vdi analytics.png

 This data allows you to better tune your service to the needs of your tenants and be pro-active in helping them avoid poor end user experience.

4) VDI 2.0 is 10x Faster to Deploy

Our partners tell us that they spend too much time doing VDI POCs with prospects before they can convert them to customers. The more time you spend with prospects, the less time you are spending on acquiring new customers or servicing existing ones. Workspot enables you to deliver a production-level customer trial in hours, get quick customer feedback, and if they are ready to go, production licenses can be issued instantly.

Customers have gone live with us in days, not the months it can take with VDI 1.0 solutions.

5) VDI 2.0 has significantly lower TCO

In addition to how fast we can deploy, the overall cost of the solution is significantly lower than comparable VDI 1.0 solutions. A Workspot deployment can be maintained by a single generalist vs. an army of specialists for other VDI solutions. (See our white paper with more information on the topic here.)

msp and vdi Comparing TCO-Image2.png


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