Use Cases for GPU-Accelerated Cloud Workstations on Azure

Author: Ranna Unthank

Publish on: May 11, 2017 8:15:32 AM

Recently, we wrote about how Microsoft Azure and NVIDIA’s GPU technology has made it possible for organizations to move their graphics intensive workloads to the cloud without compromising user experience and performance.

Sounds like a great idea, right? If you’re considering GPU-accelerated technology combined with the cloud for your firm, this blog will cover some of the industries and applications that this advanced technology serves, as well as information about Workspot DaaS—the technology that connects you to the cloud. It’ll also provide some real world examples for how organizations are putting it to use.

Industries deploying GPU workstations, and the applications they’re running

Many industries are moving their GPU workstations and applications from under the desk to in the cloud, including: Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC); Oil & Gas/Geospatial; Media & Entertainment (M&E); Automotive(Manufacturing); Education etc. These are just some of the applications they’re using:

  • Autodesk (AutoCAD, Revit)
  • Adobe (Premiere, Media Composer), The Foundry (Nuke)

Professionals who benefit from GPU technology

Is your organization in a field that requires the use of computers with large amounts of processing power to handle resource-hungry, graphics-intensive applications? The following is just a small sample of the professionals who benefit from GPU-accelerated workstations:

  • Engineers in construction firms who are collaborating with architects (BIM partners) on 2D/3D models
  • Designers creating automobile designs for high-profile clients
  • Creative professionals reviewing and editing videos
  • Off-shore engineers working on and visualizing seismic data in real-time from remote locations
  • IT managers in an engineering division of a university delivering high-performance 3D CAD applications

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Use cases for GPU desktops with Workspot DaaS 2.0

Workspot is a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP). We built our cloud-native DaaS 2.0 solution fully integrated with Azure NV-Series VMs to deliver complete, GPU-accelerated cloud workstations from anywhere to any device. The solution provides a rich user experience and performance that meets or exceeds a physical workstation.

So, just how powerful is this new technology? You might be surprised! Here are just a few example use cases to illustrate why so many organizations are deploying this technology.

Use Case #1: Engineering and Construction Service Company

Engineers create 2D/3D models with several high performance applications. Working with colleagues and partners based in offices across the nation, they collaborate by transferring large files across the network. However, performance problems and unacceptable complexity with their legacy VDI solution compelled them to look for an alternative. Company owners asked Workspot to provide a simplified solution that would deliver high-performance applications from both Microsoft Azure and on-premises.

Workspot DaaS 2.0 provided the firm with a hybrid solution that delivers GPU-accelerated cloud workstations on-premises for task workers and on Azure for power-users and design engineers. By virtualizing both workstations and applications, Workspot enables engineers, designers and partners to collaborate in real time as they can access all their resources stored on a secured, centralized location. The engineering team is very pleased with the overall experience, and found the performance to be on par with a physical workstation. Furthermore, the Workspot solutions also simplifies administration. Using the Workspot Control management console, IT can create, deploy and manage virtual GPU workstations on premises, in remote offices or even in the cloud; it's the single pane of glass through which virtual workstations are deployed and managed. 

Use Case #2: Media & Entertainment Firm

Creative professionals and artists from locations around the globe needed remote access to graphics intensive applications that included lossless support, color accuracy and high fps (frames per second). Because projects are sensitive and confidential (e.g., unreleased movies, graphics, etc.), the firm needed to provide a secure environment that also enabled them to collaborate efficiently. Uploading large video files was proving difficult and downloading was time-consuming. Plus, there was always a fear of data loss and corruption.

The firm decided to move to GPU-accelerated technology and to centralize data and workstations in the cloud. This provided designers and creatives with a highly efficient and secure collaborative environment that eliminated waiting periods between project review/approval and streamlined workflows. Because everything is in the cloud, CapEx and hardware maintenance were completely eliminated.

Use Case #3: Automotive/Manufacturing Firm

In this example, engineers and designers required a collaboration tool for their 3D CAD applications. IT also wanted to enable them to engage in digital mock-up review sessions across geographically dispersed teams. However, managers were worried about the risk of losing sensitive data and confidential designs. Another concern was the increasing cost of hardware and its ongoing maintenance, as well as the heat and noise they generated.

By moving to GPU-accelerated workstations, applications and data in the cloud, the engineers and designers were able to easily collaborate in real-time on designs while protecting corporate IP. They can also work in company headquarters or on the factory floor. This freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere vastly improves productivity. With no physical desktops to manage and maintain, total cost of ownership is drastically reduced. The engineers also appreciated the cool, quiet operation of the thin clents they used to access their powerful virtual workstations.

Try Workspot DaaS today

Do you see your organization in any of the above examples?  Are your engineers and designers longing for the freedom to be productive from anywhere? If so, we're confident that Workspot GPU-accelerated cloud workstations can deliver the benefits of the cloud by creating a more efficient and productive environment. 

Engineers, architects, creative professionals, designers and joint partners across the world can now collaborate in real-time, as well as deploy and customize their virtual workstations according to specific project requirements. Moreover, Workspot’s truly unique and simplified solution makes it easy for IT to deploy DaaS in a hybrid environment – on-prem and the cloud. The results are faster time-to-value for projects across-the-board and a positive impact on your organization's bottom line.


Read more about the benefits of cloud GPU workstations. Download the solution brief now!

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