3 Reasons to Attend The "What's Next" Megacast with Nutanix and Workspot

Author: Brad Peterson

Publish on: Jul 19, 2016 1:57:35 PM

We're excited!

Tuesday, July 26 from 9:30am - 10:30am PT Workspot will be participating in a "megacast" with some exciting innovators in today's IT space.  The host of the event is our HCI partner, Nutanix. They have invited us to present along with three additional companies: Rubrik, Illumio, and F5 Networks. (In case you’re wondering, the megacast brings you presentations from these five companies as well as a live Q&A on Twitter immediately following; a very efficient way to get some industry research done.)


During this hour long session, you'll see how, by combining a select group of the most innovative technology available, you can not only deploy VDI in a few days and significantly lower your costs, you can also dramatically increase your security, as well as the functionality of your applications.

It’s bound to be a lively and enlightening conversation that will inspire you with the limiteless possibilities.

Here are our top three reasons to attend. Learn:

1) How Nutanix has played key role in VDI 2.0

From the beginning, Nutanix has made a major contribution to VDI 2.0 by streamlining the storage infrastructure. Nutanix brought together two of its product families—Acropolis and Prism—to create AHV, its native hypervisor. AHV is the ultimate hyperconverged infrastructure solution that is purpose-built for virtualization and cloud environments. Nutanix enables a responsive desktop. And with storage and compute resources hyperconverged on x86 servers, there are no LUNs to manage, no RAID groups to configure, and no complicated storage multipathing to set up.

2) Why Workspot’s cloud-native architecture works GREAT with Nutanix

Workspot has integrated its VDI 2.0 technology to fully leverage Nutanix’s disruptive AHV platform and is verified Nutanix-Ready for Desktop Virtualization and AHV. The combination of Workspot’s cloud native architecture with Nutanix AHV enables IT to quickly deploy VDI onto Nutanix clusters running AHV in as little as an hour.

Workspot’s VDI 2.0 is a cloud native, multi-tenant service which transforms IT into a service provider. With the operational components (management, brokering, load balancing, provisioning, etc.) as a cloud service, IT can instantly create new tenants, scale up more users, and add more locations without having to copy/paste a whole operational front end. Our integration with Nutanix AHV means that IT can seamlessly onboard, provision, and scale tenants in a matter of minutes. Scaling tenants is as simple as adding another Nutanix node or cluster.

3) Additional ecosystem components that maximize VDI 2.0’s potential

Workspot and Nutanix come together to deliver on the promise of VDI 2.0.  

You'll also hear from other Nutanix ecosystem partners who are amazing in their fields. Here is a brief description of what they'll share.

  • Rubrik eliminates your need for backup software by integrating data orchestration, catalog management, and deduplicated storage into a single, secure, scale-out fabric.
  • Illumio delivers adaptive security that works across your cloud environment by providing live visibility, adaptive traffic segmentation, and instant encryption with no dependency on the hypervisor or network.
  • F5 Networks helps you seamlessly scale your cloud and software-defined networking deployments to successfully deliver your applications and keep everyone connected.

Click here to sign up and join us at the Megacast on Tuesday July 26, 9:30am PT.





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