Workspot is the simplest VDI solution since Kaviza VDI-in-a-Box

Author: Kumar Goswami

Publish on: May 19, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Simplified VDI is all grown up

I was the CEO and co-founder of Kaviza. Our goal when we founded Kaviza in 2009 was to build the simplest VDI solution. Back in 2009 (and still true today) both the Citrix XenDesktop and VMWare View solutions had a very similar architecture.  Customers needed to deploy load balancers, portals, brokers, databases, licensing servers, provisioning servers, SAN/NAS, and other components in order to deploy VDI. We were convinced that the VDI architecture in 2009 was too complex for the average customer. We designed and built a grid architecture for VDI. Each node in the grid was identical and collapsed the entire VDI stack into a single node. A customer could deploy one node and deliver VDI to 50 users and then scale it by simply adding more nodes.  The grid of nodes automatically load balanced the virtual desktops among themselves, provided availability and were managed as one logical system.

Workspot and Kaviza go way back

I first met Amitabh Sinha when he was the Vice President of Product Management for XenDesktop. He loved our architecture and inherently resonated with its elegance, simplicity and scalability.  After Citrix acquired Kaviza and the VDI-in-a-Box product, our hope was that its simple VDI-specific converged infrastructure would be adopted and it would change the VDI landscape.  For many reasons that never quite transpired. 

VDI in a box classic-VDI-tech

Today’s VDI lags behind other technology

Not enough has changed with VDI architectures and many customers both small and large feel the challenge of running the complex VDI environments.  See XenDesktop and Horizon have become even more complex for more on this. 

Meanwhile the enterprise data center architecture has changed fundamentally. Applications can be run in the cloud, Flash storage is 1000x faster than SAN/NAS, and hyper-converged appliances have simplified the data center architecture.  And so it is no surprise given Amitabh’s DNA and his penchant for simplicity that he and his Workspot team leveraged this new data center architecture to re-invent a marvelously simple VDI. They call it VDI 2.0.

Workspot is the simplest VDI solution since Kaviza VDI in a Box

At Kaviza, we collapsed the entire VDI stack into a single node. Workspot’s VDI 2.0 has collapsed the management stack of VDI into the cloud building a modern, multi-tenant, control plane architecture that is provided as a service. The VDI 2.0 service allows IT to setup an enterprise class VDI in less than a day while leveraging their existing infrastructure to run the desktops.  The result?  Users receive excellent, predictable performance and IT is not bogged down deploying and then maintaining a complex control infrastructure.

The cloud provides infinite scalability and the Workspot architecture scales seamlessly from 10s to 1000s of users.  Since the control plane architecture allows IT to run the desktops in their own data centers, their corporate data is secure and distinct from the Workspot cloud. Workspot has taken this a step further than just pure VDI.  Workspot allows you to mix-and-match virtual desktops and different kinds of applications into one secure workspace for the end user. 

This is why, I love the Workspot approach and why I feel it’s poised to change the VDI landscape.

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Exit-Citrix Strategy: Why Workspot


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