The 4x4 App Delivery Matrix for a Mobile-first World

by Amitabh Sinha on Apr 16, 2015 6:30:00 AM

As we shared in our last blog, End User Computing was “simple” until 2006:

  • IT bought PCs
  • IT managed PCs
  • IT delivered apps and data to PCs
  • End Users worked on PCs

Today everything continues to change:

  • There are Multiple end point OS: iOS, Android, Windows PC, and Mac
  • Devices are mostly un-managed  (80%) and mostly mobile
  • There are Multiple App Types: Web, Windows, Network Shares, Hybrid, and Native
  • Applications can be run as SaaS or On-premises 

In this mobile-first world, how does IT think about app delivery?


Here's a 4x4 matrix we have been using in our customer conversations to describe the problem.

The problem statement is simple. IT wants a platform to securely deliver any app on the y-axis (web, windows, network shares, hybrid, and native) to any device on the x-axis (iOS, Android, Windows PC, and Mac).

The 4x4 matrix does not include device management. Managing devices is an orthogonal problem. Customers needs to deliver applications to both managed and un-managed devices. Today less than 20% of the devices in the world are managed. That number will be less than 10% in a few years. 

As you think about the next generation solutions for app delivery,  identify solutions that invest in these three strategic constants. We believe that a Workspace as a Service solution satisfies these requirements, and provides a simple way for end users to securely access all their applications and data. A workspace needs to be available on any device in order to meet the requirements of a mobile-first enterprise.  


Want to know more about Workspot today? Click the image below to download the solution brief:
Azure DaaS

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