TCO of Mobility: In with iPads and Out with Rugged Laptops

Author: irene.yam

Publish on: Feb 6, 2014 10:40:00 PM

Benefits of switching to an iPad: 62K in Cost-Savings!

2 of 2-part series from customer and guest blogger: Mike Luu, Information Systems Director, City of Milpitas

Yesterday, I wrote about IT involving business owners and users when trying to realize the best outcomes of deploying new technology. In this blog, I’d like to share the impressive results we achieved by replacing rugged laptops with iPad Air tablets. The backstory from the first blog is our 15 building inspectors were carrying rugged laptops, and they were not using them in the field. They were too clunky to carry around. Our IT team had to make sure the building inspectors could work on Workspot before transitioning to an iPad.

Five years ago, our IT strategy was to purchase rugged laptops for our building inspectors. They needed a laptop they could bring to the field that could take a beating. With Workspot and Ericom, we can now introduce a new lighter and flexible mobile solution and reduce costs. The average cost for a rugged laptop is $4,700* without warranty. The apple iPad Air cost is $629* without warranty.

*Government pricing for laptop and iPad


TCO of mobility iPad Vs. Rugged Laptop Total Cost Savings is $62K!

The feedback from the business inspectors has been positive. “The building inspectors have been pleasantly surprised about how quick it is to access and navigate from CRW to key work apps on Workspot,” shared by Keyvan Irannejad, P.E., Chief Building Official, City of Milpitas.

Due to all the great feedback, other city departments are coming to IT, asking to try Workspot. The cost to run Workspot on iPads is not a big investment for each team.

Our team is grateful for working with Keyvan these past months on this mobility initiative. “The iPad – Workspot project is a very good example of how we can use the right technology to fulfill our needs in the field. We also learned a great deal about what it takes to select new technology, and now our departments have become stronger partners,” said Mr. Irannejad.

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