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Author: Brad Peterson

Publish on: Feb 23, 2017 5:00:00 AM

While many companies aspire to have a reputation for excellent customer service, very few actually earn it. Of those that do, the list is quite short. Nordstrom, Apple, Amazon, REI, Virgin Airlines…. very few others come to mind. What makes these companies stand out? Besides just answering your questions and providing helpful support, they go above and beyond to ensure you’re 100% happy.

At Workspot, we’re big admirers of that approach to customer satisfaction. Really, it’s central to everything we do. Before Workspot, our management team saw the problems associated with overly complex, legacy VDI. The VDI deployment process was a nightmare for customers - after committing significant time and money, very often these legacy VDI solutions failed to meet customer needs and expectations.

That’s why, to start, we built a product that’s so insanely simple. Let’s take a look at where legacy VDI fails customers and where Workspot excels.

Legacy VDI puts all the risk on customers

From the get-go, customers take on all the risk with traditional VDI deployment. It starts with a hefty upfront purchase price. Substantial CapEx investment is required due to the massive iceberg of equipment and infrastructure that's on the backend. To operate legacy VDI, for every $1 customers spend on licenses, they’ll spend another $10 on infrastructure to host and operate it.

But it doesn’t end with high CapEx. OpEx is also incredibly high because deployment usually takes 9+ months. You have to hire consultants and trainers to get everything up and working. Then, there are regular maintenance requirements, like software updates and product add-ons. And if you’re unlucky, it’s goes down a lot, which means you’re on the phone with the vendor’s tech support team.

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In the end, you take some big risks to implement a product that you end up unhappy with, but with so much invested it's too late to back out.

Workspot introduces the industry’s first no-risk engagement model

Workspot is very invested in customer success. And thanks to the shortest implementation times in the industry, success comes quickly. We're so confident you'll be thrilled with the results, we've created the industry's first and only no-risk engagement model.

Here's how the sign-up and VDI deployment process works. We'll help you scope the project and put together an implementation plan.  Because Workspot is instantly and infinitely scalable, from day one you only sign-up for what you need - just pay-as-you-grow!

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Next, we can have your risk-free trial up and running in a day. Then, during months 1 and 2, there will be some pre-deployment planning, then we'll set up the environment and deploy your users.

Pre-Deployment Planning

  • Define use case(s) requirements
  • Evaluate application compatibility and requirements
  • Evaluate additional service requirements (i.e. AD, data, networking)
  • Create mutual success plan

Deployment Option 1: Azure

  • Create new Azure subscription ID
  • Create new Azure compute, networking, and storage environment for tenant
  • Link Azure to existing data centers via IPSec network
  • Link Azure to existing Active Directory Services as read only
  • Jointly create desktop templates and upload to Azure

Deployment Option 2: On-Premises

  • Jointly configure VDI 2.0 instance, apps, policies, user accounts, etc.
  • Link to datacenter, Active Directory
  • Jointly create desktop templates and upload to VDI 2.0 hosts

Pilot Users

  • Automate creation of desktops pool and application session servers
  • Test with initial / PoC users (typically 1-2 use cases)
  • Fine-tune service for performance

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There are no hidden upgrades or support fees. After implementation if you're not happy, you won't pay until you are. If Workspot can't make you happy, during the 30-45 day mark there is a no-risk "out" clause with zero penalties.

Workspot is deeply committed to ensuring your happiness. If you have a special request for added functionality, we’ll work with you to either build it or find a product that gives it to you. We work with customers every day who rave about how invested we are in ensuring they are pleased with their results.

You will be amazed when you discover what’s possible

When it's up and running, users love their easy-to-use workspace. Access to everything is fast, secure and reliable. And they can securely work from any device. Our customer success team hears this from IT teams all the time: “Connection speeds to published applications and the desktop are so much better compared to our old solution!”

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Stop taking on all the risk with your IT investments. Instead, try Workspot today, risk-free.  Sign up for a demo - it only takes 15 minutes and you'll be glad you took the time to learn more. Discover why our customers rave about us!


Give us 15 minutes and we'll show you why our customers are so happy with our next-gen VDI!

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