Only 4.2% of users access business applications from BYOD!

Author: Amitabh Sinha

Publish on: Jul 14, 2015 5:00:00 AM

We recently performed a survey with about 500 users and asked them about how they work from their personal devices (BYOD). Some of the results were not surprising:

  • 64% of users use personal devices for work
  • Personal devices include PCs, Tablets, and smart phones
  • Car, kitchen and bed were the favorite places from where people used personal devices to work
  • 56% of the users used personal devices to access email

What was very surprising was how few users - 4.2% to be exact - used their personal devices to access work. Here's the survey as an infographic. Would love your feedback on what you think are the reasons why application access from BYOD is at 4.2%.

Be sure to check out the video below that illustrates seamlessly accessing any app on any device!



We've heard from many IT leaders that one big challenge they face is the question surrounding access: "How does an end user seamlessly access any app on any device with the simplest and best possible user experience?"

Any application is a stipulation that the solution supports Windows client server applications, web applications, SaaS applications, network file shares, and native applications. Any device includes PCs, Macs, phones, and tablets. Simplest possible user experience means no VPN clients, seamless single sign-on to any application and best possible experience for that class of application.

In the video below, you will see an end user use the Workspot application on a PC, iPad, Android tablet, and a Mac to access Sharepoint. The experience is consistent across all platforms. The end user only downloaded Workspot on the device. There are no other clients - VPN, device management, etc. You will notice that they are presented with a catalog of business applications they can access and gain access to Sharepoint by just clicking/touching that icon. What the end user does not see is that we make a VPN connection on their behalf (we support Cisco, Juniper, and F5) and authenticate and single sign-on to the Sharepoint application. It works very similarly for other types of applications. Looks simple, but the simplest things in the world are the most complex. It took us more than 2 years to create this rich client  vs. a thin client (VDI, XenApp) experience necessary on all four platforms.  

Want to know more about Workspot today? Click the image below to download the solution brief:
Azure DaaS

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