News about the Workspot Partnership With HPE Is Spreading Fast

Author: Brad Peterson

Publish on: Jun 10, 2016 7:10:51 AM

If you’ve been reading our blog, you already know that Workspot and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) recently announced a partnership that is going to make VDI 2.0 faster than ever. Well, apparently we aren’t the only ones excited about VDI that’s up-and-running in less than an hour and a half. During the past week, five news agencies and tech blogs across the country and in Canada have picked up the story.

HPE and Workspot

Apparently, good news travels almost as fast as VDI 2.0!

Channel Buzz highlighted our HPE “match made in heaven”

Today, Canada’s popular tech blog Channel Buzz, published an article about Workspot’s partnership with HPE and called it “a pretty big deal.” I really enjoyed the interview with writer Mark Cox and appreaciate that he captured the most important highlights of the Workspot partnership with HPE:

“This relationship didn’t come into being because we want it – it’s got to be because HPE wants it. They see hyper-converged as a massive opportunity for them. Their HC 380 solution can be installed very quickly. But unless they can quickly put a workload on it, the value of that is neutralized. For VDI use cases, [Workspot] can deploy VDI on the HC380 in 60 minutes. HPE realizes the value in doing that. Our cloud and their hyper-converged is a match made in heaven.”

Another thing I really appreciated was that Channel Buzz included our experiences while sharing the Workspot solution at HPE Discover: “We have been flooded with people at the booth here at HPE Discover, who are fed up with Citrix and VMware. We talk to them for 20 minutes and sign them up.” The conversations were consistent as we listened to years of frustration bubbling through, only to be replaced with hope and amazement as we shared the simplicity of design and ease of implementation when combining Workspot with the HPE HC 380.

Before I mention the other articles, I want to include one more quote that I think really highlights our partnership strategy:

“The partners come to us, attracted by our branding of VDI 2.0 and our marketing. Most of them tend to be ex-Citrix, with some of them also selling VMware. They are looking for an alternative. We have also attracted partners who want to be MSPs, because our solution, being cloud-based, is ideal for that…. “[Our total partnership numbers are in the] dozens – not hundreds. We don’t want to get caught supporting a ton of partners, and want those we have to be successful.”

IT Pro Windows mentioned Workspot at HPE Discover

We met a lot of reporters at the conference. Of course, they’re inundated with announcements about new products and partnerships. We’re pleased that Workspot's HPE partnership has risen above the noise on the IT Pro Windows blog. Here’s what Rod Trent said in his June 7 article:

“Here at IT Pro, we talk about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) quite a bit and it tends to be a popular topic. So, this first announcement out of the gate, is worth highlighting. Even before the event has been officially christened, HPE is announcing a partnership with Workspot. Workspot is a leader in next generation VDI and HPE is planning on bringing to market the availability of Workspot VDI on HPE Hyper Converged 380 as part of the announced partnership."

Major news outlets carried the story

Yes, the story is out, and you'll find it in several big news outlets, including Silicon Valley’s Mercury News, The Boston Globe, and Yahoo! Finance - all published stories about the announcement. Here are a few notable quotes.

The Mercury News:

“The Workspot solution redefines client virtualization (VDI) and enables IT to go from zero to client virtualization in 60 minutes. Built on a foundation of next generation technologies, Workspot is transforming the hybrid infrastructure.”

The Boston Globe:

“The secret behind Workspot's speed is its cloud native, control plane architecture. By separating the control and data planes, Workspot simplifies client virtualization deployments by replacing the complex mash of operational front end of load balancing, brokering, databases, web portal, and provisioning services with a cloud service.”

Yahoo! Finance quoted our CEO Amitabh Sinha:

"The HPE HC 380 and Workspot VDI solution enables IT to get client virtualization up and running quickly and simply. IT can set up the HPE HC 380 to transform infrastructure in under 15 minutes. In another 60 minutes, IT can deliver Workspot's VDI on the HPE HC 380. This is a revolution of simplicity for IT, and simplicity reduces cost."

The HPE Discover 2016 Conference was a fantastic event for Workspot as we met with the most incredible customers and partners from around the world and found our Workspot cloud-native architecture to be ideal for their 21st century needs.  We'd like to share a special thank you to all of our HPE partners - we cannot wait for the next HPE Discover Conference!

If you'd like to take a look at the Reference Architecture Guide we've created on Workspot and the HPE Hyper Converged 380, download with the button below.

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