Be a Pre-Cog: Proactively Optimize With Monitoring Reports

Author: Jimmy Chang

Publish on: Apr 7, 2015 9:53:00 AM

IT is in a constant battle to provide end users reliable access to applications and data. Success often seems like it requires Pre-cognitive intuition! Here’s how you can become a Pre-Cog:

Understand the trend and get ahead of the problem 

To succeed, IT must anticipate a seemingly innumerable quantity of possible causes of service outages and slow application performance for users on the internal network with a corporate owned devices. Additionally, business expansion in turn drives demand for more user devices, with access requirements across both internal as well as external networks. This means that IT’s battle for reliable access is now an order of magnitude more complex.

With so many new devices entering the network from a variety of external networks, IT needs granular insights into trends of what's happening at the User, Device, Network, and Geography levels. Combined, these levels of actionable intelligence enable IT to proactively assess, plan, and optimize the network before an outage. 

The new Reports functionality is available NOW on Workspot Control!

The Reports functionality provides deep insights to what's happening now and trending over time. This granular look into your network is accessible via Workspot Control.  Because Workspot Control is 100% cloud based "single pane of glass" for configuring, managing, and proactively monitoring Workspace as a Service, the new functionality is already available without the need to upgrade or patch any consoles. So, just log into Control now to take advantage of this new functionality!  
Please note: the new Reports functionality supersedes the previous Insights functionality.  

Take a tour of the new Reports functionality in Workspot Control

Another key consideration with providing access to applications and data is keeping up with feature releases and upgrades.
Schedule a 15 minute demo to see today's Workspot in action. We're the leader in cloud desktops, and we can have you up and running on Microsoft Azure in as little as one day!

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