MSPs & CSPs: Want to Expand Your VDI Services Offerings? Partner with Workspot to Deliver DaaS 2.0!

Author: Hamish McNee

Publish on: May 16, 2017 6:30:00 AM

Workspot has launched our new Cloud Consulting Partner Program. It’s just one in a long list of our current efforts to take advantage of these exciting times. The VDI industry is in the midst of a major transition -- customer demand for the cloud is on the verge of becoming a stampede. According to recent analyst predictions, 50 percent of new VDI users will be deployed on DaaS platforms by 2019.

Right now, the mid-market customer space is largely untapped and fragmented. This means there’s a huge growth opportunity for Workspot partners in the area of VDI services and DaaS solutions. Our new program will not only enable cloud service providers (CSPs), IT consultants, and managed service providers (MSPs) to take advantage of the cloud, it’ll also ensure we forge valuable relationships so that everyone wins.

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Your customers want more

The cloud is more pervasive than ever, and customer expectations have changed. Moreover, larger customer segments are investigating the possibility of moving to DaaS or outsourcing IT as their application portfolios modernize. They also need to bring many of their legacy applications with them. In the cloud era, MSPs and CSPs need to consider sustained innovation to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Partnering with Workspot to deliver Cloud 2.0 technologies is one of the best ways to do that. Currently, there is a huge opportunity not only to capture the customers transitioning to DaaS from on-premises solutions but also a wealth of new customers leveraging the cost savings, faster deployment cycles and simplicity our Workspot DaaS 2.0 solution offers.

Born in the cloud, unencumbered by old partnering models

We've launched this program to complement our hugely successful Workspot DaaS 2.0 and other MS Azure cloud solutions. With it, Workspot seeks to create an ecosystem of partnering relationships with CSPs, MSPs, and IT consultants who are able to address key enterprise and mid-market segments and verticals such as education, healthcare and financial services.

When you partner with Workspot, these are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Easy positioning: The Workspot DaaS Cloud Consulting Partner Program enables partners to easily position a DaaS service to their customers, with no upfront capital investment, need-to-own infrastructure or an expensive roster of traditional implementation teams. Workspot DaaS 2.0 is a fit for those already selling and providing managed services for Microsoft infrastructure or business solutions, including Microsoft Office 365.
  • Simplified billing, strong referral fees: Workspot takes the complexity and headache out of navigating and managing public cloud billing and wild cost fluctuations, while partners are able to earn healthy referral fees as well as build other service offers around the relationship.
  • Expanding offerings: The Cloud Consulting Partner Program enables partners to sell support services and desktop management services, application and end user compute (EUC) services, and Azure migration and workload services alongside Workspot DaaS 2.0 to mid-market and enterprise customers.
  • Advisor fees: Members of the program who are involved in the presale software assessment and recommendation for a customer will be eligible to earn fees. This will be done as a percentage of their customer’s license fees and renewals.

To find out more, complete our "become a partner" form. One of our channel team members will contact you; we look forward to telling you more!

 It's a whole new world out there - join us to deliver insanely simple VDI!

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