Mobile-first Does Not Mean Mobile-only

Author: Amitabh Sinha

Publish on: May 14, 2015 7:30:00 AM

What is a mobile-first enterprise? Does mobile-first only mean phones, or does it also include laptops? How significant are tablets in today’s mobile-first enterprise?

In order to answer these questions, let's take a quick look at consumer device usage trends so we can better understand mobile user behavior:

Here is an example from 2014, specifically the Thanksgiving season.

Below is the traffic data incurred by three different form factors used to browse online stores during the 2014 Thanksgiving season. Here, tablets were used disproportionately higher than their numbers:  




Next, let’s look at the sales data recorded for 2014 Thanksgiving online sales. Tablets contributed even more disproportionately to sales during the same period. By way of comparison, much fewer sales happened on phones as a percentage of their total numbers:


Taken in combination, we see that the overall percentage of mobile traffic has clearly gone up. These numbers also highlight that end users leverage different form factors (and different kinds of OS) to perform a variety of different tasks.

What does this mean to a mobile-first enterprise? We believe that enterprise mobility will follow similar trends. Different kinds of enterprise users performing different kinds of tasks will require a variety of form factors. In fact, a single user may use 2-3 different devices daily: perhaps a phone when driving, a laptop at work, and a tablet while at home. Consider today’s mobile workforce: a sales person is likely to primarily use their tablet and phone, a finance employee may rely heavily on the laptop / phone, and an engineer may rely primarily on their laptop. Don’t forget those enterprise consultants, they connect to your enterprise leveraging a variety of laptops and tablets that in turn will further expand your mobile-first enterprise considerations.

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