Onboard 20K new users?  (Secure Enterprise Mobility Made Easy)

Author: Jeffrey Borsini

Publish on: Oct 1, 2015 6:00:00 AM

A guest post from Jeff Borsini, CTO of BizCarta.

It was about a year ago when we had a client come to us with a great challenge; they needed to onboard 20,000 mobile users, but were put off by the challenges of using the current go-to paradigm of MDM. Because the devices were for the most part BYOD / personal devices they did not have a workable way to keep mobile enterprise information secure and updated without disrupting the users device. It was then we discovered the concept of "Workspace": 

As it became clear that mobilization was a major disruption in work habits, we saw companies also coming to grips with the limitations of other available solutions for onboarding mobile users.  Workers needed virtual applications, access to their data and intranet content, but without the overhead of VDI. And again, we saw that a 100% cloud based workspace solution could deliver all the needed benefits and avoid the pitfalls of other available solutions.   So, having deployed the workspace solution with great customer satisfaction, we wanted to take this time to share some of the learnings we've accumulated.  

Here are the three questions we worked through on our journey.

  1.  Is 100% cloud based solution a reality?

Most IT professionals will agree that the cloud provides a cost-effective way to host applications and data, making it accessible from anywhere.  But there is a perception that it is more difficult to enforce security standards, when your corporate apps and data are not locked behind the company firewall.  So they simply dismiss this technology altogether.  (And you can quickly understand why many  have taken this stance, due to the number of public incidents of breaches in security in large public organizations.)  However, the ability to deploy the above-mentioned data, virtual apps, and intranet information via the cloud is unquestionably the easiest path.   A single IT configuration (which can be done in less than 60 minutes)  a simple user app download that can connect any user to all of their corporate infrastructure... and done.  Easy, elegant and efficient.

  1.  Can a 100% cloud based solution still enforce required security policies?

Many still think not; that that the best place for their applications and data is behind the company firewall.  However, providing access to this content from outside the company firewall then requires a complex mix of additional infrastructure to include:  proxy servers, load balancers, SSL gateways, etc.  Not to mention the difficulty of configuring client access from each endpoint.  And add the explosion of mobile devices, which has dramatically increased the need to extend the datacenter out beyond the firewall and the requirement to securely deliver apps and corporate data to Windows, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices.   Trying to fit today's user needs into yesterday's technology containers is causing a great deal of pain, frustration, and wasted productivity.

  1. How do you support large-scale user device/data needs while maintaining your needed level of security?

The answer is in the on boarding of endpoints.  Using the cloud as the control point, we use a workspace to simplify logins with 2-factor authentication, enforce encryption, provide access to the needed content by publishing a secured workspace and to be able to track all of the activity of every endpoint, while keeping all of your applications and data secured within your datacenter and not hosted in the cloud:   

Easy and Secure Device Onboarding

This offers the best of both worlds.  This is a solution that you can easily deploy to a wide range of endpoints and a way to keep the corporate content isolated from all of the personal content for easy off-boarding of endpoints in the mobile enterprise, when needed.  We've seen it work for many visionary fast growing companies and think it could work for yours.

To discover how a Workspace might benefit your organization, download this "Roadmap to Enterprise Mobility".  


Jeff is the CTO of BizCarta; an organization that helps companies and organizations worldwide incorporate best-in-class technology, as well as develop their IT alignment strategy and business processes to drive operational excellence and increase customer satisfaction. By fusing process management with business acumen, we provide a disciplined approach to technology advising and service delivery resulting in a more reliable and productive environment. As the IT organization becomes a competitive advantage, it enables the business to compete and grow.
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