The Last Thing You Need is a Windows 10 Migration Headache

Author: Brad Peterson

Publish on: Mar 2, 2017 5:00:00 AM

Windows 10: Painful affliction or rare opportunity?

Everyone knew that the Windows 10 release would be unique.  Initially driven by the offer of free upgrades from Windows 7 and 8, consumers were once again in the IT driver’s seat. Many of us thought this consumer momentum would force corporate IT departments to rush their OS migration plans. But while many individuals took advantage of the free upgrade on their personal PC, the overall upgrade numbers tell us that many corporations have not yet made the move to Windows 10. And since making that move is inevitable, only one question remains for IT teams: “What’s the best way to get it done”? At Workspot we believe moving to Windows 10 is a rare opportunity. Here's why.

Take two aspirin and call me in the morning

Many IT managers are understandably traumatized by the time and resources it took to undertake a Windows migration back in the day.  Phased, decentralized rollouts, application incompatibility issues and the explosion in BYOD diversity complicated the most recent migrations like never before. This created a tremendous amount of pain as it took expensive IT personnel away from higher-value projects, such as data security initiatives. There’s just no reason for a repeat performance of this complex and costly Windows migration process. You have more important things to accomplishment with your time and money, so make it easy on yourself.  There’s a much better way!

For instant pain relief, virtualize Windows 10  

What most did not foresee at the time of the last painful Windows migration project is that by the time you’d be ready to make the move to Windows 10, everything about end user computing would have changed.  With so many organizations moving to the cloud, virtualizing Windows 10 is an initiative that could make you a hero.  It's an opportunity for you to shine professionally while making your organization more agile and effective. Now that Microsoft Azure is global and enterprise-ready, and Workspot’s industry-first, insanely simple, cloud–native VDI and DaaS solutions have proven successful for so many customers, you can make Windows 10 migration really easy, (and let everyone wonder how you did it on your own, in a manner of days, and with zero CapEx budget).  Be the first to deliver virtualized desktops to your users with Workspot as Microsoft offers Windows 10 licensing on Azure.

windows 10 migration with workspot

Two paths to pain-free Windows 10 migration  

At Workspot we want your move to Windows 10 to be pain-free and (dare we say) way under budget.  Here's how.

Pain-free path 1: Go all-cloud with Workspot + Microsoft Azure

One of the fastest ways to migrate to Windows 10 is by taking advantage of the tight integration between Workspot and MS Azure.  With this solution, there’s no waiting and no agonizing over infrastructure acquisition, installation and configuration - that's a thing of the past. As soon as you sign-up with Workspot, our team does the backend work to provision your entire Azure infrastructure on your behalf; with Workspot you'll never see an Azure console for app and desktop delivery; we take care of it all for you. Then, we’ll instantly spin up as many desktops and applications as you need; hundreds or thousands in a day.  This is pure-cloud; it's a full subscription model which means zero CapEx.  Workspot installs, provisions and manages the entire infrastructure, bundling all desktops, applications, compute, storage and networking components into a single, predictable bill. 

As a bonus, you’ll be making your end users very happy.  Azure has data centers across the globe.  This means that you can locate your own virtual data center anywhere - instantly!  You don't have to worry about buying co-location space, hiring data center staff, and racking and stacking servers, switches, etc.  You can check a box in Workspot and deploy a server in your choice of 34 (and counting) Azure regions in the world, and when you choose a data center close to your end users, they will enjoy a great user experience with dramatically reduced latency.

Pain-free path 2: Go hybrid-cloud with Workspot + Microsoft Azure AND on-prem 

Only Workspot gives you this flexibility with a cloud-native, instantly and infinitely scalable solution.  If you also want to deliver virtualized desktops and apps from your existing data center infrastructure, we've got you covered. Workspot's next generation VDI 2.0 / DaaS 2.0 architecture provides a single console to deploy and manage desktops and apps simultaneously across Microsoft Azure AND your on-prem data center, where the on-prem infrastructure may be either 3-tier traditional or hyper-converged. That means Workspot will deploy Windows servers running your virtual applications and Windows desktops on your own infrastructure in your primary data centers, while also delivering your apps and Windows 10 desktops from Azure. In all cases, you control everything from a single Workspot management console.

With Workspot, we offer you choices: all-cloud, on-prem AND a hybrid of both - it's all fast and easy. You handle installation and management of your on-prem infrastructure, while Workspot takes care of installation, provisioning and management of your Azure deployment for a consolidated monthly fee. No other VDI vendor has a cloud-native, multi-tenant, infinitely scalable solution that offers these services. 

Workspot Azure DaaS.jpg

Why Workspot is the best solution for your Windows 10 migration

There are so many reasons you’ll be glad you chose Workspot. Here's a few:

  • It’s hands-down the fastest solution for Windows 10 migration
  • It can be done for zero CapEx
  • You can scale instantly and infinitely
  • You can use Azure, on-prem AND a hybrid of both
  • Our customer success program is unmatched

At Workspot, our goal is to simplify your migration to Windows 10, to make you an IT hero, to give you back more time in the day to focus on strategic business initiatives and to get you home each day by 5!


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