Is a Mac the Most Important BYOD Device for the Enterprise?

Author: Amitabh Sinha

Publish on: May 27, 2015 10:00:00 AM

We believe that the Mac is the most important BYOD device in the enterprise. Why? 

IDC reported that Mac shipments were up an estimated 8.9 percent in the third quarter of calendar 2014. Apple is now in the No. 5 position with a 6.3 percent share of the total worldwide market. Why does IT need to care about a 6.3% market share? Well, let's drill down one level deeper.

In the same quarter, IDC estimated that Appleā€™s Mac marketshare hit 13.4 percent market share in the United States and puts it in third place behind HP and Dell.  Ok, more interesting. But still 13.4% doesn't make it the most important device!

Now there are no official numbers for this analysis. But the number of desktops sold for the home and business user markets were roughly 50-50 in the United States. And most business desktops were PCs. So most of the Mac sales (13.4% in the US) probably comes from the  home user. The home market  is  50% of the market for desktops, so when users were given a choice, 27% (13.4/50) of them chose a Mac

Now 27% is a more interesting number than 6.3% or 13.4%. What makes it even more important are the kinds of users using Macs. In most organizations, the senior executives and the "cool" kids fresh out of college all overwhelmingly use or want to use their Macs. In our conversations with customers, we find that most companies are struggling to deliver business apps and data to Macs - SAP, SharePoint, network shares, single sign-on, VPN, etc.  When the folks demanding access to  apps and data on their Macs are the senior-most leadership inside a company, then the Mac becomes the most important device in the enterprise. And based on current trends, where Mac usage continues to grow while PC usage continues to fall the importance of the Mac will continue to grow.

This week we announced the availability of the Workspot  client for Mac. Now IT can securely deliver business apps and data to a secure workspace on any device - iOS, Android, PC and Mac! 

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