McCourt Global: Year Long Journey to Securing iPads in the Enterprise

Author: Sopheap Min

Publish on: Dec 15, 2015 6:00:00 AM

I had a chance to sit down with H. Holt Satterfield, Director, Information Technology at McCourt and get the back story on the journey and the decision making process prior to deploying Workspace as a Service.
Holt Satterfield
About McCourt Global
Founded by real estate developer and philanthropist Frank H. McCourt, Jr., McCourt Global is a combination of very diverse business interests which currently include MG Properties, the real estate investment and development unit; MG Capital, developers of global investment solutions; and MG Sports & Media, experts in value creation across sports and media properties and other entrepreneurial endeavors. For IT, this means handling a wide variety of user and application needs with focus on providing best in class mobile access to the employees.

Sopheap Min: What made you aware that your company needed additional technology to best support their company's mission?

Holt Satterfield: We had Remote Desktop services exposed to the internet to allow our employees to log into a Terminal Server on the network in order to work remotely. But to improve security, we made a decision to require users to first authenticate through VPN. As a result, connecting via iPads became challenging. I needed a solution to remove that challenge for iPad users, including executives who appreciate using their iPads.

SM: What was your research process like? What sort of solutions did you consider?

HS: First I determined that I needed a solution for securing iPads and enterprise mobility. In deciding how to address our challenges, I contacted the usual MDM solution vendors, attended Tech conferences, visiting vendor booths looking at any and every MDM solution I could find. There were the usual suspects... Citrix XenMobile, Maas360, AirWatch and Good. In fact, I had an extensive Excel spreadsheet of 93 features tabulated for the different solutions. I searched for a year. MobileHelix was a potential solution that offered similar functionality to Workspot, but MobileHelix required an appliance and I didn't want to invest in yet another appliance.

SM: What factors helped you to make the decision to try a workspace solution from Workspot?

HS: A few things about Workspot stood out:

  1. Ease of use. iPad compatibility.
  2. Zero footprint. No additional backend.
  3. The technology was very fast and encrypted.
  4. Dedication of the Workspot team to assist with the onboarding process.
  5. And though containerized, it didn’t require using its own branded apps

There are many vendors that provide containerized solutions but require access to network resources or email via their own proprietary apps. Contrast that to Workspot's Workspace, which allows employees to access network resources and email via a native app experience that they’re accustomed too. The reality is most users "don't want to use another email client"- they prefer the native email app.

SM: What benefits are you now enjoying? What would you call out to others who might consider this solution for themselves?

HS: I'm very happy with the overall ease of use and increased productivity in being able to securely connect back to the office and access files on network drives. Workspot also allows me to quickly connect back to servers on the network, and easily control them, with just an iPad. This has been invaluable at times.

Another issue we were having was how to load iPads with files for presentations outside the office. Getting the needed files on the iPad was always a medley of different methods – email, wireless USB, OneDrive, etc. But because Workspot allows easy access to all internal networked data, it totally demystifies the process.

Moreover, it can be done outside the office on the fly, which can come in pretty handy if you forgot that one critical document.

If you'd like to find out how the Workspace Solution might be of benefit to your company, we invite you to schedule time with our expert team.


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