Workspot is 10x better than Citrix

Author: Amitabh Sinha

Publish on: Feb 24, 2015 6:00:00 AM

A Better Workspace Solution

I recently read/saw two separate posts on 10x better platforms: one by Pat Gelsinger (CEO, VMware), and another by Ben Horowitz (cofounder and Partner of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz). In this post I review what it really takes to deliver a 10x better workspace solution:

So, '10x better' is an often-touted acclaim, but what's the real story?

Pat Gelsinger's post discussed how a new platform needed to be 10x better than the platform it sought to replace in order to be successful. He used x86 and ARM chips as examples. Intel has been trying to replace ARM chips on mobile and ARM is trying to replace x86 chips in the data center. His prediction was that neither would succeed because neither solution was 10x better than the solution it was trying to replace. 

The second post I read by Ben Horowitz talked about the a16z investment in Transferwise and how it was a 10x better solution than existing Foreign Exchange solutions.

That led me to think about Workspot. We've built a Workspace as a Service offering that competes against the Workspace Suite vision from Citrix. Before we get to workspace solutions, let's spend some time on the multi-billion dollar Citrix product called XenApp.

Citrix XenApp has been enabling companies to deliver Windows client-server applications for 20 years. Citrix XenApp is a strongly entrenched platform in the enterprise and generates nearly $2B in revenue. Many other companies have tried and failed to replace XenApp - Microsoft with RDS, Ericom, nComputing, Teradici, Quest, and most recently VMware with Horizon Apps. In the early days, Citrix was 10x better than competitive solutions (great user experience over low bandwidth/high latency scenarios). But more recently, other solutions have closed the gap significantly. And yet, no solution has displaced XenApp because none of them have been 10x better than XenApp.

Now Citrix is expanding the XenApp product with an offering called Workspace Suite, which will enable companies to securely deliver windows apps, web apps, network shares, mobile apps, etc.  Workspace Suite is competitive with our Workspace as a Service offering. 

Using Pat Gelsinger/Ben Horowitz methodology, our Workspace as a Service needs to be 10x better than the comparable Workspace Suite solution from Citrix in order for us to be successful. Is it? Yes. (You wouldn't expect a different answer, now would you?)

Why the Workspot solution is 10x better than Citrix:

(1) Considerably faster time to value: 60 minutes with Workspot vs. several months (or more) with Citrix

(2) Way lower TCO: Workspot is priced at $144/user/year vs. the total cost of ownership (servers, storage, people, licenses) of a Citrix deployment which can be upwards of $1000/user/year. While Citrix is comprised of a complex SKU of products requiring significant IT integration, Workspot has a significantly LOWER total cost of ownership derived from a single integrated product.


is workspot better than Citrix?        A workspce solution better than Citrix?

 (3) Much Faster Speed of Innovation: We are adding features to our product every month! 

Contrast that to a typical 12-18 month release cycle from any traditional vendor. Since we upgrade features each month, Workspot users enjoy a better product every month. Moreover, this monthly innovation cycle ensures that we implement your feature enhancement requests 10 times faster than with ANY other traditional vendor.

So, is the Workspot solution 10x better than Citrix? Yes!


Want to know more about Workspot today? Click the image below to download the solution brief:
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