Is Healthcare Ready for PCs in the Cloud?

Author: Deborah Thornton

Publish on: Sep 26, 2017 4:30:00 AM

It's a common refrain for IT teams: "Do more with less". Few industries feel the acute consequences of constrained resources more deeply than the healthcare industry; after all, lives can be at stake. Healthcare organizations have long been using published apps, if not complete virtual desktops, for years. However, today they face a dual challenge: how to overcome the complexity and high costs of outdated VDI solutions, and what to do with the cloud. For these organizations, where security and privacy concerns are paramount, use of the public cloud has given IT execs pause, but could moving PCs to the cloud be the answer to many IT challenges they face?

cloud computing in healthcare.jpgTo be able to "do more with less", healthcare organizations can modernize their legacy app publishing and VDI solutions and employ the public cloud for at least some of their workloads. This allows for more agile organization growth and reduces CapEx and OpEx. Moreover, many healthcare CIOs are arriving at the conclusion that the major public cloud providers can do a better job of securing patient data than their on-premises datacenter infrastructure can provide.  Indeed, one recent survey showed healthcare leading financial services and energy and utility sectors in cloud adoption. Plus, healthcare organizations are increasingly trusting of cloud platforms with protected health information. Combine the cloud benefits of stronger security and the opportunity for better data analysis and improved patient care with disaster recovery and compliance benefits and the result is completely transformational.

In an HIT Infrastructure article, "Healthcare Cloud-Based VDI Adoption Reduces Infrastructure Costs" Elizabeth Dowd highlights how Workspot innovation in VDI architecture plus our industry-first, fixed cost (including Azure!) cloud PC service on Azure is delivering significant benefits to healthcare organizations:

  • Moving apps and desktops to the cloud increases security, visibility, control & data availability
  • Flat-rate monthly fees that consolidate Workspot cloud PC services and Microsoft Azure into a single bill simplifies oversight for IT
  • Modern, cloud-native VDI solutions substantially reduce CapEx and OpEx while providing greater IT flexibility to accommodate growth

"Organizations need simplified VDI deployment solutions that drive workplace efficiency and favorable economics,” Enterprise Strategy Group Senior Analyst Mark Bowker said in a statement about Workspot. “These solutions must meet operational demands and the unique challenges many businesses face.”

Essential to the success of deploying PCs on Azure is a trusted partner. Workspot has a close relationship with Microsoft and recently won a prestigious award highlighting the value we provide to our joint customers. Workspot Desktop Cloud and Workstation Cloud on Microsoft Azure deliver simplicity, enterprise readiness, and better-than-physical-PC performance. That is some serious innovation!

Read Elizabeth's full article at HIT Infrastructure. Then find out more about how Workspot is helping healthcare organizations become more agile and efficient while improving patient care. 





Download the case study to learn more about Workspot Desktop Cloud and App Cloud for healthcare.

Workspot Modern VDI for Healthcare 

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