I have XenApp. What's next for app delivery?

Author: Amitabh Sinha

Publish on: Aug 11, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Did you buy XenApp when it was known as MetaFrame or Presentation Server? Back in those days, most of your applications were Windows client server applications, and Citrix was only the game in town. The protocol was 10x better, the management capabilities were 10x better.

But this is 2015. Less than 30% of your applications are Windows Client Server. You have web applications like SAP and SharePoint. You  have SaaS applications, like Office 365 or Salesforce. You have native applications like Box. And you have network shares. XenApp does not help you solve the app delivery problem for these classes of applications. 

What is your next generation strategy for app delivery? It's not VDI. It takes too much infrastructure to virtualize your desktops. It's not MDM or EMM. Users don't trust IT  to lock down their devices. 

Let's start with what your end users want: they want to access all their apps from any device (as shown in the matrix).  XenApp helps you cover just the first row of this matrix.



We believe that the right end user solution is a workspace. Mark Bowker at ESG has written an excellent set of articles on the concept of a workspace. A workspace will perform basic functions on behalf of every app in the workspace - encryption, single sign-on, vpn access, policy enforcement, etc. 

Some of the applications inside a workspace will be Windows client server applications. What do you do for these applications? Do you continue to leverage XenApp or migrate to RDS? You have been asking this question every year when you renew your XenApp subscription: "if I’m already paying for RDS CALs and running the base OS, why do I need other stuff?

Frankly, RDS is good enough for 80% of the scenarios. The protocol is good enough unless your use case is extremely high latency scenarios (>150ms). Or you have deployed 50+ servers running XenApp. Other than those cases, you should consider moving to RDS.

At Workspot, our Workspace as a Service solution helps you create a next generation workspace in 60 minutes. We do this by leveraging your existing apps and infrastructure - VPN (Cisco, Juniper, F5), Web Apps, SaaS Apps, Network File Shares, and XenApp or Terminal Server.

So with our solution, you can choose to complement your existing XenApp deployment with other applications that you would never virtualize. Or you could choose to migrate to RDS and save money. 

It's your choice. But start with asking the question: "What is my next generation strategy for app delivery?" If your strategy involves VDI, EMM, or CMT - check out our post, '3 Blind Men are looking at the same Elephant!


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