Case Study: Hydradyne Solves BYOD Challenges for Sales Team with VDI 2.0 + Scale Computing

Author: Brad Peterson

Publish on: Jan 26, 2017 5:00:00 AM

Hydradyne: A fast-growing manufacturing firm

Hydradyne is a leader in North America’s motion control industry. The Texas-based company manufactures, distributes, and repairs hydraulic, pneumatic, and electromechanical products from 33 locations spread across the Southeast. During the past several years Hydradyne has doubled in size, from 16 to 33 locations across the Southeast. Before finding Scale Computing and Workspot, it faced significant BYOD challenges and performance issues due to aging IT infrastructure.

Sales and IT teams both needed a solution for BYOD

Every day from hotels and customer sites, Hydradyne’s 150-person sales team logs into the corporate system via laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Once inside the system, their tasks include accessing customer information, checking order status, and entering new orders into the system. However, remote login is a lengthy process that involves logging into a VPN, then into the ARP solution infrastructure, and then into numerous ancillary sites. Performing this process numerous times per day costs everyone significant time and drags down productivity.


Why Workspot and Scale Computing hyperconverged infrastructure Hydradyne case study.pngHydradyne’s four-person IT team found it almost impossible to support secure access to corporate apps and data on the sales team’s BYOD devices. Making matters worse, the IT team battled outdated IT infrastructure fraught with performance issues, which further impacted productivity.


Workspot VDI 2.0 + Scale Computing = problem solved!

In 2013, Hydradyne’s IT team switched from traditional three tier infrastructure to Scale Computing’s hyper converged infrastructure. This change increased system performance and reduced overall complexity. It also enabled Hydradyne to cut its IT costs in half, saving the company $65,000.

When Scale heard about Hydradyne’s mobility challenges and their budget constraints, they suggested a demo of Workspot VDI 2.0. Hydradyne’s IT team took Scale’s advice and spent less than 1 day setting up a Workspot account and rolling out virtual desktops with VDI 2.0.

Get the nitty-gritty details about Hydradyne’s successful IT transformation by reading the full case study today.

Watch our video for more details about  insanely simple VDI.

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