How 3 Customers Eliminated Their VDI Deployment Angst

Author: Brad Peterson

Publish on: Apr 13, 2017 5:00:00 AM

If you know anything about Workspot, you know that our mantra is how insanely simple our VDI 2.0 really is. We're obsessed with making our customers successful. Recently, we wrote a blog to illustrate the choice you have between Workspot and legacy VDI solutions. It's akin to the choice between taking an Uber or building your own car when you’re going to dinner. The comparison really resonates with a lot of folks.

That blog's response got us thinking about other ways to “show, not tell.” So this week, instead of outlining ways that Workspot is revolutionizing the VDI industry, we decided to highlight a few customer stories - in particular how they got over their VDI deployment angst. After all, it’s one thing to blow your own horn. It’s something else entirely when your customers do it for you.

During the last couple of years, we’ve heard from a long list of satisfied customers. Recently, we started documenting their stories. Here are three from widely diverse industries, who all signed up for a 30-day, risk-free trial and were instantly hooked by Workspot’s performance and benefits.

Law firm provides file security for lawyers working remotely

Since 2009 the IT team at Chaitons LLP relied on hosted shared desktops to provide lawyers with access to corporate resources and client files. However as their legacy remote desktop solution aged, performance became a growing problem. Plus, increasing usage of BYOD introduced security concerns.

When Chaiton’s IT team signed up for Workspot, this was their biggest pain point: How to keep corporate resources accessible and client files secure when lawyers were working away from the office?

Chaitons solved their security and performance issues, as well as a myriad of other issues, when they replaced their legacy solution with Workspot. Here’s what Dom Chung, Chaitons’ Director of IT, recently had to say:

“Workspot’s BYOD capabilities are a godsend. My IT team doesn’t need to manage users’ various devices to maintain a high level of security. Workspot provides a secure container that enables users to pull down apps and data and interact with it in a browser-based experience. If the device is lost, all we have to do is remotely wipe the Workspot client. There’s no residue left behind.”

To get more details about the project, visit the web page.

To hear what the Chaiton's team has to say about Workspot, watch the video.

Ophthalmology practice delivers virtual apps to exam rooms

A decade after installing its legacy VDI infrastructure, Houston Eye Associates (HEA)--the largest ophthalmology practice in the nation--was stuck on an old version of Microsoft Windows server. This meant drivers and hardware couldn’t be replaced. The resulting IT slow-down dramatically impacted doctor productivity and patient satisfaction.

When HEA’s IT team signed up for Workspot, they were asking themselves: How can we instantly deliver apps and data to PCs in exam rooms across 29 locations using service account sign-ins?

HEA discovered that Workspot adapts to complex workflows and can deliver virtual apps in kiosk mode. Here’s what Tom Merkle, HEA’s Director of IT, had to say about their results with Workspot:

“The speed of our systems increased dramatically, saving 30-60 minutes per day of wasted time. That’s the difference between seeing patients on time and being 1 hour behind.”

Manufacturing firm supports BYOD for a growing, mobile salesforce

In the last 10 years, Hydradyne has grown from 16 to 33 locations, and from 100 to over 500 employees. As BYOD became a productivity imperative, the IT team struggled to ensure secure access to corporate apps and data.

When Hydradyne’s IT team signed up for Workspot, they were asking themselves: How do we cost-effectively support secure, instant-access BYOD for a growing, mobile salesforce?

Hydradyne’s IT team was able to deliver BYOD at a cost the company could afford. Here’s what the Director of IT, Mike O’Neil, had to say about Workspot:

“When we were looking at mobility solutions, the big players just didn’t make sense for our mid-sized firm. When you’re looking at hundreds versus thousands of users, it’s not cost-effective. With Workspot, we could decide exactly how many users needed mobility apps and get exactly what we needed at a price that made sense. Workspot is priced in our sweet spot.”

To get more details about the project, visit the web page.

To hear what the Hydradyne team has to say about Workspot, watch the video.



No-risk engagement model inspires confidence 

We're so confident about the performance and benefits of our solutions, we completely reinvented how customers engage on VDI projects; after all, why should you carry all the risk?  Why should you pay up front for legacy solutions that take months to deploy (if you're lucky)? We think that's crazy, so we offer the industry’s first--and only--no-risk engagement model. There are no hidden upgrades or support fees. After implementation if you're not happy, you won't pay until you are. If Workspot can't make you happy, during the 30-45 day mark there is a no-risk "out" clause with zero penalties. To learn more, read all about our implementation process.

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