Are you fed up with slow Citrix login?

Author: Jimmy Chang

Publish on: Mar 3, 2015 6:00:00 AM


"Citrix is slow"
are you fedup with a slow Citrix Login?

End users can’t see what happens under the covers after logging into Citrix. So they just assume that Citrix is slow.  They aren’t wrong. However, what they don’t know (and frankly shouldn’t have to care) is: Citrix is not a single “thing” that IT can just fix. 

 Is IT asking the wrong question? 

Faced with slow login performance, IT often goes into “how do I fix it?” mode.

A Google search for “slow citrix login” reveals volumes of information about “possible” causes to the slow login performance.  Performance-impacting gremlins can exist anywhere: web interface, NetBIOS, folder redirection, farm configuration…there are just too many to list.

So, “how do I fix it” is the wrong question for IT to ask. Everyone expects logins to be secure, fast, and painless. The question IT should REALLY be asking, “Why doesn’t the login experience meet my expectations?”   

The 10x faster than Citrix login experience. Your users will thank you.

It should come as no surprise that a complex login process is directly related to the complexity of the system architecture. How then do you achieve a 10x faster login experience? You don’t “fix it”, instead: design your architecture with speed, simplicity, and security as the overarching goals. Consider the user experience with a 100% Cloud-based Workspace as a Service: 


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