Future of VDI: 5 Topics We’ll Unpack During Tomorrow’s Webinar

Author: Rana Kanaan

Publish on: Apr 12, 2016 6:00:00 AM

In the early days, VDI technology at scale seemed impossible

Back then, I was at Citrix working with the largest customers as they considered hosting tens of thousands of XenDesktop VDI sessions. However, they needed to know how to build and deploy VDI infrastructure to do it. The challenge was immense, to say the least. Every organization, department, and user group had different requirements of workloads and applications, which meant that each user level in the organization had different compute requirements -- vCPU, memory, storage, etc. On top of all this, VDI was brand new to everyone. 

At Citrix, we struggled to help customers.  Internally, we were using very sophisticated scripts and test equipment and running it with a large QA team. Honestly, our lab set was not something that was portable, reproducible, or even well suited for use by customers or IT partners.

Coming together to push VDI 1.0 forward

In this vacuum, everyone tired creating their own way to model and plan VDI. Which led to general mayhem. VDI 1.0 was already complex. However, without the tools to model and plan, it was absolutely impossible to design for large-scale deployments.  As an industry, we had to fix that.

I linked up with Ruben and the smart people at LoginVSI. Together, we all agreed that as an industry we needed an easy, consistent way to model VDI and simulate the performance at any scale so that IT could plan and build the virtual desktop infrastructure. As the result of the collaboration, LoginVSI has become the de facto standard tool for organizations tackling a very complex problem. However, that was not the end of our collaboration.

Simplifying VDI for the greater part of a decade


Fast forward to present day. For the greater part of a decade, Ruben and I have dedicated our efforts to finding ways to simplify VDI. The VDI 1.0 that brought us together is still complex. As we look ahead at the future of VDI, we are asking ourselves some really important questions, like: Can we make it simpler? Can we make it faster? Can we solve more use cases? I think we have. 

Tomorrow, Ruben and I are participating in a panel hosted by Mark Bowker from The Enterprise Strategy Group. In it, we’ll share our experiences and insights into a broad range of topics, including the following:

1. Does the Enterprise still need VDI?

2. What are the challenges faced by organizations when deploying it? 

3. How does new architecture solve the complexities of VDI?

4. Solving the ROBO use case. Why was it hard and impossibly cost-prohibitive? How can we solve it now?

5. What's next after VDI 2.0?

Plus, we’ll be hosting a live Q&A after the discussion. Get your questions ready, and don’t miss out!


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