From Plumber to Producer:  CIOs are the New CEOs in Training.

Author: Rana Kanaan

Publish on: Feb 4, 2016 6:00:00 AM

CIO to CEO, IT Trends you should know about.

The role of CIO has changed significantly in the last decade.  IT is no longer reactive but a driver of growth. A top company's CIO must be aligned and agressively supporting the businesses strategies and goals for new growth. They are business leaders who also happen to be IT experts.  

But they are no longer simply in charge of the IT department. They also must influence a wide range of managers, just like CEOs who are increasingly aware of the new importance of the CIO.  As a result, innovative corporations; CIOs are becoming the X factor that provides a winning edge, accelerating the business.  

Because we hear so much about this topic, we've written a white paper where we explore how a major evolution in the business environment is creating new opportunities for CIOs to deliver results that get noticed at the board room table. 

Here are the keypoints and IT trends:

CIOs are the next generation CEOs. CIO to CEO

1. Speed is the new IT Currency.

Think of your IT system as a racecar. You can use the newest and most expensive technology that your business can afford. However, if your technology can’t adjust to changes in real world situations, your competition will still beat you to the finish line.

2. OpEx is the new CapEx

Accept the reality was planned 3 to 5 years ago does not match with what is actually needed by businesses today.  To remedy this situation, businesses should shift upfront capital expenditure (CapEx) to ongoing operating expenses (OpEx). CIOs who understand the benefits of this new approach to IT spending can influence other decision-makers in the company, such as the CFO.  (check out our recent blog post on the new TCO of VDI 2.0)

3. Global is a Go

In order to become the next CEO, CIOs must have a cross-organizational view on how technology can drive and inspire growth that includes how best to utilize resources seamlessly across geographies.

4. M&As are your secret sauce

Many companies look to M&A to expand rapidly and earn greater returns.  CIOs of the future are not simply in charge of the skunk work of integrating and simplifying separate IT systems.  A high value CIO must also know how to authoritatively occupy a seat at the table early in the M&A due diligence process so they can steer the company away from potential obstacles and liabilities. For many companies, the sucessful CIOs make the acquisition successful.

So you if you buy into the theory that CIOs are the New CEOs in Training,  read the whitepaper for more ideas about how to supercharge your operations and highlight your C-suites bonafides?  (In addition, we explore how new technology can prepare CIOs to become future CEOs.)  Click the button below to download.

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