Have EMM and VDI? (Add Workspace to get Next Generation Improvements)

Author: Jimmy Chang

Publish on: Sep 24, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Most enterprises already have an EMM (MDM) and/or VDI solution. For the majority of those enterprises, CIOs are realizing that those solutions have been in place for the past 3-5+ years, it is now time to begin looking for what IT needs for the next 3-5 years.  The questions I'm often asked:

  • What's the right next gen architecture and why?
  • How do I get there from where I am now?

The short answer is a workspace built on 100% cloud architecture. 

Typical EMM and VDI deployments

CTOs using EMM often provide feedback that with iPhones and Android devices, it works great for mobile email access.  EMM held the promise of to provide users access to other applications and content repositories.  However, it quickly becames less optimum experience for users to access other applications and cumbersome for IT to manage multiple user profiles and sync multiple content repositories.  So, the vast majority of companies are still using EMM to deploy email to phones.  That's basically the same level of functionality Blackberry introduced with BES.

The same CTOs also state that VDI was the answer to BYOx and multiple platform support.  VDI performed well elivering Windows applications to devices. User experience on a desktop is notably better than Mac, laptops and mobile devices.  However, VDI came with high CapEx and OpEx costs which limited its broad usage and  for most companies, and only for 8% of the users.   

So what's the next gen architecture?  

The next gen architecture has to be flexible, efficient, fast and lower TCO.  Cloud is the only architecture that will provide all four.  A 100% cloud architecture allows for frequent automatic updates of new features and results in IT operating more efficiently.

Roadmap to next gen:  Add Workspace as a Service

Do you have EMM and VDI?

Leverage the existing EMM and VDI services and add Workspace as a Service to extend the number of services delivered to users regardless of device. 

Workspace as a Service supports Windows client server apps, web apps, SaaS apps, network file shares, and native apps. It does this while simultaneously supporting PCs, Macs, phones, and tablets. No VPN clients, just a seamless single sign-on to any application delivering the best possible experience for that class of application.

In Summary

Workspace as a Service is the simplest first step to the next generation architecture.  A 100% Cloud architecture is fast, flexible, reduces TCO, and enables IT to be more efficient.  Workpot extends the ability of the existing EMM and VDI deployment as you transition to a cloud first strategy for BYOx for the next 3-5+ years.

If you'd like to learn more about next generation mobility, click to get access to this short video with our partner Juniper Networks. Horacio Zambrano, Senior Director for Product Management & Strategy outlines Juniper's vision of mobility, key considerations, and how their vision aligns with Workspace as Service.  

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