VDI for $200k in 9 Months, or Desktop Cloud in a Day?

Author: Amitabh Sinha

Publish on: Nov 2, 2017 5:30:00 AM

In previous blogs we've discussed many reasons why customers are looking for alternatives to legacy VDI solutions, those we refer to as VDI 1.0. It comes down to two primary reasons why those outdated solutions don't work for most organizations: Cost and complexity. As I was thinking about the impact this has had on so many businesses and contemplating the value of Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS), it struck me; what we're experiencing with VDI and DaaS is the democratization of virtual apps and desktops!  VDI is a complex tool (an expensive one), that very few organizations can deal with successfully. But our next-gen Desktop Cloud is a turnkey service; it's VDI for everyone else! But what the heck does that really mean?

wasting money.jpg

It's pretty shocking when you think of it this way: Your first virtual desktop, delivered by VDI 1.0, will cost you $200,000!  In order to deliver even one desktop, you need to have redundant servers, redundant databases, redundant load balancers, redundant portals, redundant brokers, you need to hire a few consultants, and you need to dedicate a project team for 9-12 months to get that desktop deployed. Whoa! That is certainly VDI-for-the-few.

In contrast to legacy VDI 1.0 solutions, Workspot invented the Desktop Cloud architecture precisely because the first generation VDI solutions stalled or failed due to cost and complexity. And as we've seen, when it comes to virtual apps and desktops, cost and complexity go hand-in-hand. The cost per user for Workspot Desktop Cloud on Microsoft Azure is dramatically different! Move on over $200K VDI 1.0 desktop and make way for modern cloud desktop technology. With Workspot Desktop Cloud, the first desktop costs $50/user/month or $600/user/year. And you deploy it in one day. You can deploy more than 300 cloud desktops before you hit the cost of the first VDI 1.0 desktop! And sure, you can go ahead and deploy all 300 in one day! The differences are vast.

What happens at scale? For the 1000th desktop? For the 10,000th desktop? In the past, we assumed that at scale the cost of the 10,000th cloud desktop would be much higher than the cost of an on-premises VDI desktop. That assumption is wrong. Even at scale, Workspot Desktop Cloud will be cheaper than on-premises desktops.

Even though the cost of VDI 1.0 per user decreases as more users are added, as the graph below shows, it will always be more expensive. 


price curves.png

How you ask? Think about this: On-premises desktops are 4-5x over-provisioned. Most users work 40 hours a week. So for the remaining hours in the week - 104 hours, to be precise -  those resources are idle.  But IT still has to pay for those resources! In a well-optimized DaaS 2.0 implementation that takes advantage of the elasticity of the cloud and per-second billing, the total costs are going to be significantly lower than corresponding on-premises implementations. Our prediction is that cloud desktops will make financial sense over on-premises VDI at every single user count; small, medium and large enterprises. Not convinced? Call us or shoot us an email, and we can walk through the math that matters for your organization in more detail. 

It's time for a turnkey, enterprise-ready, cloud desktop solution, and we have it ready for you: Workspot Desktop Cloud, App Cloud, and Workstation Cloud on Microsoft Azure. Our industry-first, Customer Success Program means that we work together for a successful deployment, and you don't pay a dime until you're up and running.  Why would you do it any other way?


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