Windows 10 Client Licensing for VDI on Azure!

Author: Brad Peterson

Publish on: Mar 16, 2017 5:00:00 AM

The power of the MS Azure Cloud

Since its debut in 2011, the growth of cloud computing has exploded. Today, Microsoft Azure is one of the largest Public Clouds with data centers across the globe. Thanks to its extensive network, you can now create your own virtual data center anywhere.

You don't have to worry about buying co-location space, hiring data center staff, and racking and stacking servers, switches, etc. To deploy a server in your choice of 38 (and counting) Azure regions in the world, all you have to do is check a box and push a button. It’s that simple. And now, the cloud is the future of end user computing. It’s not only far less expensive, it’s also much more enjoyable for today's global users as their improved proximty to cloud services means dramatically lower latency. What’s not to love?

Get more out of your Win 10 licenses!

End user computing has been forever transformed. And that means migrating to Windows 10 doesn’t have to be as painful as your last OS migration. The numbers tell us that a lot of IT teams are postponing this inevitable migration because they’re worried that making the move will be a major undertaking. Instead, we’re here to tell you there's a better way.

To realize the fastest path to Windows 10, all you have to do is virtualize your Windows 10 migration. It’s incredibly simple and can be accomplished in a matter of days thanks to Workspot's tight integration with MS Azure. The combination of Workspot’s insanely simple cloud-native VDI with Azure’s global enterprise-ready data centers means you can deploy thousands of Windows 10 desktops in a day with zero CapEx!

Windows 10 Clients Licensing on Microsoft Azure

Why deliver Windows 10 desktops from MS Azure using Workspot VDI?

When you use our combined solution, there’s no waiting and no agonizing over infrastructure acquisition, installation and configuration - that's all a thing of the past. As soon as you sign-up with Workspot, our team does the backend work to provision your entire Azure infrastructure on your behalf.

With Workspot you'll never see an Azure console for app and desktop delivery - we take care of it all for you. Then, we’ll instantly spin up as many desktops and applications as you need. You can have hundreds or thousands running in a day! This is pure-cloud. It's a full subscription model, which means zero CapEx. Workspot installs, provisions and manages the entire infrastructure, bundling all desktops, applications, compute, storage and networking components into a single, predictable bill.

With Azure and Workspot VDI you’re basically choosing the fastest possible solution on the planet to deliver Windows 10 desktops. You can get started today.

Performance is unmatched, and there’s zero risk!

After it’s up and running, your users will love the speedy performance. IT teams are constantly telling our customer success staff: “Connection speeds to published applications and desktops are so much better now compared to our old solution!”

We’re so confident you’ll be thrilled with the results, that we offer the industry’s first - and only - no-risk customer engagement model. There are no hidden upgrades or support fees. You pay once your pilot is successful. It's the shortest path to realizing the successful delivery of apps and desktops to your users.

Ready to get started?

Delivering Windows 10 with Workspot VDI and MS Azure can happen today. You don’t need much to make it happen. Before contacting our team for a demo, all you’ll need is:

  • Windows 10 E3 or E5 Per User Subscription Licenses
    • If you aren’t using E3 or E5, you can use Windows VDA Per-User Subscription Licenses with Virtualization Rights.
    • Both of these licenses will give you access to the Current Branch for Business (CBB) following the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

There’s no reason to ever undertake another complex and costly Windows migration again. You have more important things to accomplishment with your time and money. There’s a much better way! Make it easy on yourself by virtualizing Windows 10 with Workspot and MS Azure today.

Want to know more about Azure and Workspot? Click the image below to download the solution brief:

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