Freedom! Workstation Cloud Delivers GPU Cloud Workstations From Azure

Author: Ranna Unthank

Publish on: May 8, 2017 7:10:00 PM

Major advancements in GPU-accelerated computing present new opportunities for organizations that use large, expensive workstations to deliver graphics-rich applications. The potential for profound transformation in the AEC industry is creating quite a buzz. Enter Workspot Workstation Cloud...

Here’s what you should know about the innovative virtual desktop, app and workstation technology from Workspot. We're delivering GPU-accelerated workstations to any device, so AEC professionals, including designers, engineers, BIM managers and architects are free to create from anywhere and collaborate across distant project members in real-time.

Why make IT the bottleneck?

Traditionally, delivering high performance graphics or compute intensive applications like CATIA, AutoCAD, Revit, SOLIDWORKS, Adobe Premiere and others, you've had to provide each user with an expensive physical windows workstation with lots of compute and memory. These high-end physical workstations present many challenges:

  • High CapEx - these desktops are incredibly expensive.
  • High TCO - requires hardware refresh every 3 years.
  • Time-consuming: Users often wait for weeks to get their workstations because IT has to procure them, configure them and then deliver them. 
  • High networking costs - Sharing large files/datasets between users and sites is challenging and expensive. 
  • Inefficient -  Difficult to collaborate in real-time on the same 3D models with geographically dispersed team members. No flexibility to accommodate temporary projects.
  • Immobile - In the age of mobility, GPU workstation users are still tethered to their desks, which limits creativity and productivity.

Until recently, you didn't have a choice, but now you do, and you're going to be impressed.  Workspot is bringing virtual workstations to you on demand. Workspot Workstation Cloud on Microsoft Azure can deliver high-performance Windows 10 workstations to users globally. Deploy virtual workstations along with the required applications and computing resources according to your business and project requirements. Manage the entire platform from a single pane of glass - simple!

Don't revamp IT to fit the Cloud solution

Some "cloud" solutions force IT to adopt new workflows and new operating systems. That can be costly in time and money. Why would you do that?

Most CAD software is only certified on the Windows Desktop OS, and it's customized to integrate with third-party software and processes. Changing or migrating any portion of the workflow means IT has to re-create and integrate the current workflows and processes (styling, design, simulation, job run, etc.) There are dependencies on integration with databases and supply chain systems. Changing workflows can cost millions of dollars in new software, processes, and most importantly, time. 

....Or you can take the fast, painless route.

Workspot Workstation Cloud delivers workstations that run Windows 10, which is certified by ISVs, and seamlessly integrates with your existing CAD design workflows.  

Workspot Workstation Cloud on Azure transforms AEC firms.


High-performance computing  scenarios with Workspot

Now you can shift all the heavy lifting of graphics-rich application workloads off your physical workstations for greater flexibility, more effective collaboration, and better security. Workspot provides several options for delivering desktops, workstations and applications:

  • Leverage the power of Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure offers the Azure N-Series workstation VMs, featuring virtual GPUs that can run graphics intensive workloads. The Azure N-Series instances are powered by NVIDIA GPUs, which enable customers to run GPU-accelerated workloads, workstations and applications in the cloud or in the datacenter. Workspot is a Microsoft Managed Partner, and our solutions are tightly integrated with Azure.
  • Combine hyper-converged with the Azure cloud. With Workspot Workstation Cloud, you can support your engineers and BIM managers no matter where they reside, which means you can hire the best talent anywhere! But some firms are not ready to go all-cloud, so you can also take a hybrid approach. Workspot is the only solution that can manage workstations and apps running both on-premises and on Azure from a single pane of glass. 

Why Workspot is a game-changer  

Workspot Workstation Cloud can provide customers with these major benefits:

  • Real-time collaboration between engineering teams and partners across the globe.
  • With Azure, you'll always have the latest, highest performing GPUs.  No more hardware refreshes!
  • Allow users work from anywhere while data stays secure in the cloud.
  • Provision new employees or contractors in minutes to address new opportunities anywhere in the world.
  • Leverage cloud elasticity to dynamically scale up or down to meet changing project requirements.

Workspot enables you to deliver graphics-rich resources to your users quickly and securely. Our unique, cloud-native architecture enables you to deploy your cloud workstations and applications in a day! Deliver them from any location on any infrastructure - Microsoft Azure, on-premises, or both. It's a proven solution that our AEC customers still can't believe. Many had tried to virtualize workstations with other solutions, and they just didn't work. Workspot does!

Workspot is your one-stop shop for delivering virtualized applications, server-hosted desktops, virtual desktops and graphics workstations. You get infinite scalability with significantly lower TCO than legacy solutions.



Read more about Workspot Workstation Cloud on Microsoft Azure!

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