Desktop Cloud Has Arrived: Workspot’s Cloud-Native VDI is Integrated with Azure

Author: Brad Peterson

Publish on: Dec 7, 2016 11:46:32 AM

Workspot and Microsoft Azure Deliver the Industry's First Insanely Simple DaaS Solution

Workspot + Azure = DaaS 2.0 deploy thousands of desktopsAt Workspot we're very proud to make an industry-changing announcement that promises to transform the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) space: Introducing Workspot DaaS 2.0. Thanks to an exclusive partnership with Microsoft, Workspot’s cloud-native, multi-tenant architecture is now deeply integrated with Azure. The result? The next generation of Desktops as a Service (DaaS) has arrived, and it means that organizations of all sizes get to benefit. We're hearing from many companies that they want to move to Azure, or they want to use a mix of three tier, hyperconverged infrastructure and Azure. So that's what we do: insanely simple VDI on three tier, Azure, HCI or any combination - your choice. As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), Workspot has created the simplest and fastest path to adopting VDI on Azure cloud infrastructure around the world.                       

Workspot DaaS 2.0 ensures that organizations of all sizes can deploy VDI to thousands of users in a single day with no additional CapEx. Have you ever even heard of such a thing?  We do that today. Deep integration with Azure means that resources can be automated and optimized within minutes, enabling IT to go live with desktop virtualization in as little as 60 minutes. 

DaaS 2.0 is a future-proof solution

Our friends at Gartner are seeing momentum build around interest in DaaS, and in a recent report, they made several predictions about how important DaaS will be to deploying VDI in the near future. Gartner, stated: “By 2019, 50% of new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) users will be deployed on DaaS platforms.”1

Industry experts are acknowledging that Workspot is well-positioned to become a DaaS market leader. TechTarget’s Gabe Knuth awarded Workspot the Gold Award for Desktop and Application Delivery at VMworld 2016 for our cloud-native VDI 2.0 solution back in August [2016]. Now Gabe has this to say about Workspot DaaS 2.0. “In addition to having a single management console, Workspot has put a lot of work into power management, usage reporting, billing, and more,” states Gabe Knuth in his recent article Workspot enters the DaaS space. Here's our full analysis of their Windows 10 on Azure platform. These are all things you’d have to do on your own if you wanted to put desktops into Azure. They’ve also built all the networking, image management, and security functions you would need from Azure into their console. DaaS 2.0 takes all the benefits of (Workspot) VDI 2.0, and then some, and brings them to the cloud.”

The simplest all-cloud VDI solution on the market

Workspot DaaS 2.0 enables a customer to simultaneously deliver desktops from the Azure cloud and using on-premises infrastructure while managing the entire environment from a single console. We just attended the Gartner Data Center Conference and spoke to many organizations who are using HCI and also considering Azure. The excitement we see when we explain how they can spin up 1000 virtual desktops in a day - instead of months - is really gratifying. We're excited to help customers do DaaS the right way; we're hearing that Workspot Daas 2.0 is exactly what the market has been waiting for. To learn more, download our solution brief Insanely Simple Desktop as a Service on Microsoft Azure.

News is spreading fast 

Here's a look at recent media coverage and there's more on the way!

Gabe Knuth, 

Workspot enters the DaaS space. Here's our full analysis of their Windows 10 on Azure platform

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Cloud VDI vendor Workspot to offer Desktop as a Service 2.0 on Azure

The Mercury News

Workspot Dramatically Simplifies VDI by Leveraging the Power of Microsoft Azure to Deliver the First DaaS 2.0 Solution

1  Gartner Inc. Market Guide for Desktop as a Service, 01 August 2016

Insanely Simple Desktop as a Service on Microsoft Azure:


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