Crazy Fast Collaboration Features!

Author: Jimmy Chang

Publish on: Feb 10, 2015 6:00:00 AM

fast collaboration features

What's New with Workspot!

In the latest Workspot Client release (v2.5), users collaborate faster than the speed of light! Well, maybe not, but it is really, really fast! We are excited to announce two new features which are accelerating user collaboration:

  • "Click to Edit" any doc in the content repository with the new RDP Edit feature
  • "Snapshot" camera images directly into Workspace apps

See these collaboration features in action:

Watch The Video


RDP Edit

The new RDP edit feature simplifies the task of editing a shared document into one step. With a single click, users can open and edit files right from the content repository. Efficiency enabled by Workspot Workspace. 




The new camera feature simplifies workflows that need access to photos from the camera into two steps - snap and save. Users now snap photos directly into any web, email and file sharing app within Workspot.


 Simplification saves precious time and money. Hand in hand with end user efficiency is security. Any viable solution considered by IT needs to include the ability to securely deliver apps and data to any PC, Mac, iOS, and Android device. 

Schedule a 15 minute demo to see today's Workspot in action. We're the leader in cloud desktops, and we can have you up and running on Microsoft Azure in as little as one day!


Want to know more about Workspot today? 

Click the image below to download the solution brief:

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