Cloud Native VDI - "Why didn't someone think of that before?"

Author: Brad Peterson

Publish on: Sep 29, 2016 6:00:00 AM

That's what James Green, of the Virtualization Review Blog, wrote about Workspot's VDI 2.0 after learning about us at VMware's VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas last month.

He does a great summary of the 6 Cool VMworld 2016 Vendors;  Companies on the cutting edge of virtualization.    The whole article is worth reading, but since this is *our* blog, lets just cut to the chase.

"The technology we reviewed with Workspot fits squarely into the 'Why didn't someone think of that before?' category. Put simply, Workspot simplifies and streamlines VDI deployment and management by putting the control plane in the cloud. Everyone who has tried it can say with certainty that, 'VDI is hard.'


In what they've dubbed 'VDI 2.0,' Workspot is aiming to make it a whole lot easier by putting a number of the challenging parts of VDI behind a SaaS-based management interface that handles many difficult aspects of 'doing' VDI, especially at scale."

The figure below illustrates which components of a traditional "VDI 1.0" deployment can be abstracted and then replaced with Workspot.



The dark blue sections illustrate components that can be abstracted by Workspot. They're no longer an administrator's burden to manage.


"We expect that the main players like VMware and Citrix will look to go this route eventually as well, but due to sheer inertia, it's going to be a while. When combined with hyperconverged infrastructure, Workspot can help you deploy radically simple VDI environments in less than a day."

That's what we've been saying!  

Check out the offer below if you'd like to put Cloud Native VDI to work for you.

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