Citrix Migration – A Fork in the Road

Author: Jimmy Chang

Publish on: Mar 10, 2016 3:00:00 AM

Migrate from XenApp - what's on the roadmap?

We’ve learned a lot from helping customers migrate from XenApp to Workspot. As suggested in Is It Time To Break Up With Citrix?, a lot of companies don’t feel like the benefits they receive match their time and monetary investments. Plus, many are tired of working with Citrix when it doesn’t act like a partner invested in helping their businesses succeed. More and more CIOs are telling us they are looking for a new direction. They are looking for an “exit-Citrix strategy”. They’re tired of the “Citrix tax”. In particular:

Got an Exit-Citrix strategy and need to migrate away from Citrix?

  • Long deployment time and a steep learning curve to get Citrix running properly.
  • High maintenance requirements for out-of-date and out-of-support software.
  • Expensive, time-consuming, and daunting upgrades.
  • Required data centers that are complex and costly to operate.
  • Nagging complaints about poor user experience.

So what are your options post-Citrix?

One option is converting from Citrix to VMware Horizon View. However, this is just a move from one tax collector to another, essentially six or one half dozen of the other from a financial and architectural perspective. Another option is to move to Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), with its security, user experience and complexity challenges. Both require you to rip and replace.

Is there a third option that’s simple…and fast?

If you find yourself saying enough is enough, we have some good news. Workspot is the best alternative VDI that relieves your Citrix tax and pain. Workspot was founded by former leaders of Citrix and VMware’s product teams. We introduced a new architecture that simplifies VDI, which also makes migration off Citrix easy. Unlike Citrix, VMware or DaaS, you don’t have to rip and replace on Day One. It’s easy to integrate Workspot with your existing infrastructure, XenApps desktops and apps, and then migrate them on your own schedule before sunsetting Citrix or planning your Citrix migration.

It’s not trivial to make the transition, but Workspot’s unique control plane architecture makes it truly simple and fast. We’ve journeyed down this road numerous times with many customers, and they all love Workspot’s benefits:

Let Workspot help you move in a new simpler and faster direction for your virtualized apps and desktops at a fraction of today’s costs. This eBook may be helpful to frame your decision process. Good travels no matter which path you take!



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