Case Study: Chaitons LLP Uses Workspot to Rollout Virtual Desktops

Author: Brad Peterson

Publish on: Apr 6, 2017 5:00:00 AM

How do you keep corporate resources accessible and client files secure when lawyers are working away from the office?

Chaitons, LLP learned that Workspot delivered the fastest, most affordable solution to meet their security and performance requirements.

Challenge: Lawyers, executives, and staff struggle with system reliability

Keeping resources and files secure is a high priority in any law firm. Since 2009 the IT team at Chaitons maintained security for the firm’s resources by relying on hosted shared desktops. However, as their legacy virtual desktop solution aged, it grew less and less reliable. And staff grew increasingly frustrated with using it.

Performance issues were a daily occurrence, including stuck sessions, application-hang, system resets and server reboots. The shared environment introduced a number of issues with applications, including server OS incompatibility and licensing restrictions requiring workarounds.

Bring your own device (BYOD) was another growing requirement. During the workday, staff used PCs running on Microsoft, but after hours they went home to their Macs and iOS devices. Each new device couldn’t connect to the system without the IT team’s help. Plus, these devices introduced security concerns. IT could not easily track nor revoke control of remote desktop apps on devices without resetting a user’s password or wiping it altogether.

Workspot resolves issues within a day

After hearing about Workspot, Chaitons signed up for a one hour demo, and from that, signed up to be a customer. By the end of the day, they were already convinced that Workspot would completely transform their overall IT costs and quality of services.

According to Dom Chung, Director of IT at Chaitons: “At first, we thought we’d use Workspot to deliver virtual applications and virtual desktops that users would share. But then we discovered that we could also use Workspot to give each user remote access to the physcial PC on their desk in their office. Our remote users had been asking us to provide them with the same experience inside and outside of the office for years. Within a few minutes of deploying Workspot, we were able to deliver that dream scenario for them, and all while supporting BYOD. It made us heroes.”

“Because Workspot offers everything built-in at simplified pricing, we’re saving 40% of what we were spending per user, per device. The cost savings alone make Workspot a no-brainer.”

--Dom Chung, Director of IT

 Chaitons LLP Workspot VDI on Scale Case Study-651301-edited.png

 The Chaitons project illustrates why organizations do not have to continue struggling with their legacy VDI implementations. It's a textbook example of the myriad of issues that Workspot solves for customers in a single day. Visit the Chaitons web page for more details about the solution.

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