It's True! Buying DaaS is as Easy as Buying an iPhone.

Author: Amitabh Sinha

Publish on: Nov 14, 2017 5:30:00 AM

What does buying an iPhone have to do with modern Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)? Well, let me tell you a story!

Last week I did something that I haven’t done in a long time. I went to an Apple store. The store at the Apple Headquarters on Infinite Drive in Cupertino is close to my office so I popped in to pick up my new iPhone X. The last few times I purchased an iPhone I purchased it online and had it shipped to my home. That process was uneventful, but I had to get it up and running myself and figure out the new features whenever I had some time here and there. Purchasing the X in-store from an Apple employee was a whole different experience.

How to delight a customer in 4 easy steps

I chose my iPhone by designating a carrier (AT&T), chose the model (iPhone X), selected a color (graphite) and decided how much storage I needed (64GB). This took 2 minutes. Then I waited in line for exactly 3 minutes before an enthusiastic, smart, college-going, young Apple employee came over to help me finalize the purchase. For the next 35 minutes, he proceeded to give me a tutorial of the new iPhone X features, configure the FaceID (it is magical, completely unlike anything I had expected), install the latest OS upgrade, and make sure that everything was working before I left the store. During the entire process I never felt hurried, although he was very efficient, and he reassured me multiple times that he had the time to to see me through the configuration process. I walked away with everything working as promised - no risk, no hassles, no unpleasant surprises. The entire experience really reinforced my loyalty to the Apple brand.

What's DaaS got to do with it?

This is precisely the experience Workspot envisioned bringing to enterprise-class DaaS. Our Cloud Desktop Service completely changes how virtual desktops, apps and workstations are delivered to users.

For too long, the end user computing industry has treated customers poorly; you're forced to buy licenses from your favorite VDI vendor, engage a consultant and IT resources to help you guess how many servers, how much storage, how many load balancers, databases etc. to buy. Then you pay more expensive consultants and project managers to configure the first set of desktops for a pilot over the next 6-9 months. After all this time and expense, not only are you still in a pilot phase, but you've taken on all the risk and you have no idea if the whole thing is going to work in production. Once you do go to production you'll be responsible for time consuming maintenance and upgrades, which generally seem to make IT lives miserable.

Workspot customers buy Cloud Desktops very much like you would buy an iPhone. You just choose what kind of desktop you want and how many. There's 5 "colors" from which to choose: 

- Shared-Hosted
- Windows 10 Business (2 CPU/4 GB RAM/64 GB)
- Windows 10 Premium (2 CPU/7GB RAM/100 GB)
- Windows 10 Power (4 CPU/, 8 GB RAM/128 GB)
- Windows 10 Workstation (6 CPU/56 GB RAM/380 GB/1x M60 GPU)


That's it. And you get these desktops at a fixed-rate subscription fee, which includes the cost of Microsoft Azure.  It's even simpler than the four steps required to choose an iPhone!

Next, our customer success team guides customers efficiently through a configuration process, which can take a few phone calls over a couple of days. We bond your internal network with Azure, pick the desktop image and then set up the first set of desktops for the pilot. After the initial couple of days configuring everything, setting up those first desktops takes slightly more than 30 minutes. That's VDI in 2 days and 30 minutes. We want to take our time and get it right, because after all, we are setting up an enterprise-class, mission critical service, so we don’t limit the amount of time our customer success team spends on setting up your pilot. And we will continue to be by your side as you roll it out to more users, deploy new use cases, or expand into new geographies. We'll do what it takes to make sure your experience is just like the one I had with the Apple employee who helped me and took his time to make sure I was successful, because we are nothing without successful, happy customers.

Simplicity rules

If you're familiar with legacy VDI vendors you know that their consulting services are a big chunk of their revenue. Complex products beget more complex products, because it makes money. Money that you pay those organizations for services. Workspot does not charge additional money for our customer success services. Why? Our #1 goal is to make our products as simple as possible. If we charged consulting or support fees for getting your first desktops up and running, it would be antithetical to our whole reason for being and it sends the wrong message to our product and customer success teams. To make money on services we'd have to make the product unnecessarily complicated so we can justify charging customers more money.  That's just not who we are. We've been laser-focused from the very beginning on keeping our products simple, and we plan to stay that way.

Finally, we have a no-risk policy for our customers. If after we get your first desktops up and running you decide it’s not what you expected, you can opt out of your contract. Simple. There's absolutely no risk. Why would we do that? Obviously we couldn't do it if we didn't have a lot of confidence in our solutions, but the reason we offer it is because we want our customers to be comfortable and happy working with us. It's what Apple would do. Why do DaaS any other way?

Find out more about the Workspot difference!  Read our Cloud Desktops solution brief next.

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